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Your Wise Choice - Newly Upgraded XMQ6127DY

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Your Wise Choice - Newly Upgraded XMQ6127DY

Jun 28 , 2022

XMQ61274DY is a luxury tour bus newly upgraded and launched for both passenger transport and tourism markets by King Long. It features better design, more stable performance, and more comfortable configuration. It provides passengers with perfect riding experience and drivers with brand new driving experience. These two kinds of experiences will be your precious and unforgettable memories about journeys.

XMQ6127DY features simple but gorgeous appearance, with mellow and full and smooth lines. A simplified k-shape logo makes you feel a longer bus body visually.

Its front face is grand, and its combination headlamp is closely integrated with its front wall line.

The design of rear wall is in concert with that of front wall, in an artistic and simple manner.

It is equipped with a bigger luggage compartment for more suitcases. As a result, you can enjoy a worry-free journey.

Your riding experience will be cool with a wide internal space and seats designed based on ergonomics.

A toilet is designed in the bus. Although the toilet is very small, its functions are complete, and it guarantees your comfortable sensation and your privacy at the same time.

The vehicular multimedia system mainly consists of TV, reading lamp, and audio system, providing you with pleasures via audio and video entertainments.

With firm luggage racks, you will never worry about too much carry-on luggage.

Tactfully improved passenger seats achieve a bigger space.

Each seat is equipped with a USB charging port and holder.

The driver's cab is wide, with a large head clearance and comfortable seat. Therefore, drivers will not feel fatigue in the endurance run.

The operation is more convenient thanks to the newly upgraded instrument switch.

Several cameras are installed both inside and outside the bus, thus ensuring safety and providing the real-time situations inside and outside the bus.

The LED courtesy lamps make passengers get on and off the bus in a safer manner.

Welcome to take our XMQ6127DY bus.

This is your wise choice!

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