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King Long Cheering for 2020 C&D Xiamen Marathon with its "Advanced Technology"

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King Long Cheering for 2020 C&D Xiamen Marathon with its "Advanced Technology"

Jun 28 , 2022

First marathon in the New Year (January 05) - The 2020 C&D Xiamen Marathon started in the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. C&D Xiamen Marathon is 18 years old this year. Its "coming-of-age ceremony" is very meaningful. On that day, about 30,000 marathon runners from 41 countries and regions all over the world did their best to run along the course with high quality and good-looking appearance and show their spiritual strength of "never giving up and pursuing better" on the first weekend in the Near Year.

As a global senior sponsor of this competition (and the only one special bus designated for this competition), King Long has undergone an extraordinary course together with the C&D Xiamen Marathon since 2003. In 2020, King Long joined hands with the C&D Xiamen Marathon at the beginning of its new development. King Long's Blue Runner Team composed of its employees stepped on the most beautiful course with the theme of "Smart City with 5G Trip", to show King Long's unique charm - "Advanced Technology" and continue cheering for the C&D Xiamen Marathon. Outside the course, "Smart CityLights", which are the achievements made by King Long based on intelligent network and innovative S&T and the real 5G networked buses in China, will be put into operation as one part of the BRT in Xiamenand start the smart trip era of the masses.

Birhan Nebebew Tesfaye, champion of this marathon and Ethiopian runner, in a last spurt

Yang Dinghong, Chinese champion of this marathon, in a last spurt

Never stop for better trip

Human beings never restrict their pursuit of speed on the course, so the marathon records are broken on and on. King Long's innovation is also endless because it adheres to the spirit of marathon and it pursues to better trip of the masses.

From the new energy services and competitions to the new energy buses throughout the city, King Long brings both health and green environment to the C&D Xiamen Marathon,thus creating a blue sky for the urban traffic. King Long never stops making progress. In a new round of S&T and industrial revolutions, King Long takes the lead in "New Four Modernizations" in the vehicle industry to make a breakthrough in automatic drive of buses. The Smart CityLights, which will be put into operation in Xiamen soon, are the achievements made by King Long based on the 5G technology in terms of "intelligent manufacturing" after its Apolong - an L4 driverless bus. Meanwhile, the Smart CityLights are also the first batches of 5Gintelligent network bus products in the industry.

The year of 2019 is considered as the first commercial year of 5G technology. However, King Long has started its layout of 5G intelligent network buses for a long time. Early in September 2018, King Long together with Datang Telecom Group began to develop the trial run of 5G intelligent network buses. At that time, the 5G Smart CityLights of King Long has been successfully tested in Xiamen's BRTlines. In May 2019, Xiamen's 5G ITS was opened and the strength of 5GV2X was verified. Especially, Smart CityLights were put into operation in batches in Wenzhou at the end of 2019.

The most beautiful course meets the nicest buses.

"The most beautiful marathon course in the world" is the greatest charm of C&D Xiamen Marathon. Runners start from the Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center, step on the 42.195 km long course with blue sky and sea, green trees and red flowers, and enjoy over half splendid landscapes of Xiamen while running.

Smart CityLights delivered to Xiamen's BRTwill be put into operation soon.

For the Smart CityLights that will be put into operation soon, their fashionable appearance and Xiamen's beautiful urban landscape properly complement each other. Smart CityLights are the buses which can invigorate the city and improve the urban aesthetics. With narrow frame, extra large windshield, beautiful side wall lamp strip, and empaistic wheel brow that is stereo and grand, no matter whether it is daytime or nighttime, the Smart CityLights are always glaring buses.

Relying on interior design like subway cars, transparent and large window glass, and design of bright ambient lamp strip, passengers can enjoy the urban landscape outside more comfortable. The buses are equipped with anti-pinch sliding plug door, fixture special for wheelchair, and other human-oriented facilities, making passengers more comfortable. After the Smart CityLights are put into operation in 2020, passengers can fully enjoy the exquisite scenery along "the most beautiful course" inside the 5G buses as beautiful as mobile artistic device and feel the charm of Xiamen that is a civilized city.

The smart city meets the intelligent bus.

Xiamen does not enjoy "good looking" but also "high intelligence quotient". Evaluations on the ninth "smart city development in China" were released in Beijing in the "2019 Smart China Annual Meeting". Xiamen ranked top 10 and won the Operation of Smart CityLights will inject the connotation of wisdom to the urban traffic of Xiamen- a "sea garden".

The successful application of Smart CityLights based on the concept of "Internet of Everything" via 5G technology will integrate both passengers and drivers who are isolated in the traditional bus trip with the landmarks around via 5G network. As a result, the buses can communicate with traffic lights, bus stops, roads, and pedestrians, as well as interact with other vehicles on the roads. It fully exerts the power of 5GV2X, connects buses to each terminal of urban public transport, and makes the urban public transport safer and more orderly with smart technology.

When waiting at bus stops, passengers can inquire such information via their mobile phones as the distance between Smart CityLights and bus stops, degree of crowdedness on buses, and air regime in buses. When the Smart CityLights draw up at a stop, their driver assistance function will precisely stop the buses 10 cm away from the platform without intervene of drivers, so that passengers can easily get on and off. With the help of 5GV2X technology, the Smart CityLights can judge the state of traffic lights in a long distance and realize the "green wave traffic" at their optimal speed, thus greatly increasing the passing efficiency and reducing the energy consumption. The Smart CityLights also provide the drivers with a pair of "sky eyes". When the buses are started in a narrow road section, the 3D panorama surround-view function can ensure that the drivers will know the situations around.When the buses pass through an intersection or blind area for turning, the Smart CityLights can detect the pedestrians and obstacles in advance, to avoid collision and the like. The Smart CityLights solve the open and complex traffic control problems, sets up a safe, high-efficiency and environmentally friendly ecological system for urban intelligent traffic, and reflect the humanistic care of the city.

As 5G intelligent mobile terminals, the Smart CityLights make the operation management more efficient. The Smart CityLights are equipped with Eco-Chip new energy management system (version 3.0) researched and developed by King Long. With King Long's independent core technology for new energy, a new 6Dvalue system is established and the comprehensive intelligent development is realized in terms of safety, reliability, energy conservation, power and comfort.
Pursing better trip of the masses is also a "marathon". With booming development of technologies such as 5G, AI and cloud computing, King Long facing endless S&T innovation in the future and on the course of bus industry in China will input new power to the urban traffic with more innovation achievements and facilitate the development of bus industry in China

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