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L4 Autonomous Mini-bus King Long Apolong

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L4 Autonomous Mini-bus King Long Apolong

Jun 28 , 2022

Apolong is the result of cooperation between King Long and Baidu. It’s the first commercial autonomous bus in China, fully reaching the high automation of L4.

The bus on exhibition this time is the Apolong 2.0, an iterative upgraded product of Apolong after one-year's commercial operation. It has the autonomous driving capability in more complex situations.

Compared with the first generation, the King Long ApolongApolong 2.0 is equipped with an HW3.1 autonomous driving system, and has such upgraded configurations as high-performance Intel E5 and 8-core processors, and has a stronger computing power. Its higher-performance voltage stabilizing template can not only enable stable power supply but also maintain reliable endurance even in harsh environments such as cold and humidity. In respect of endurance, which has drawn much attention, King Long ApolongApolong 2.0 has been equipped with the CATL power battery, which has increased from 42.3kwh to 49.3kwh in capacity, reduced by 50% charging time whileincreased by 20% driving mileage.

Meanwhile, King Long ApolongApolong 2.0 has also realized an upgrading in terms of interiors. A plurality of USB charging ports are added to provide convenience for charging mobile devices. The seatadopts thinner folding seat, which makes the vehicle more comfortable and tidy. Through those upgrades, King Long ApolongApolong has become more sophisticated and modern.

King Long took the lead to enter the field of Internet of Vehicles (IOV) in 2010. Since then, it has been continuously exploring the intellectualization and networking of bus driving.

As the product generated from the combination of new energy and intelligent network, Apolong enjoys reliable driving safety, high-intensive self-driving ability, and cool appearance with a strong sense of science and technology. The birth of Apolong indicates a leap in automobile intellectualization, electrification, networking and sharing. Apolong not only reflects the abilities of human to harness the current science and technology but also indicates the ambitions of human to keep the future in their own hands.

Apolong has realized the L4 self-driving function via Baidu's Apollo and King Long's IOV big data platform. Apolong has a series of self-driving abilities, like getting in and leaving the parking space, automatic following, obstacle avoidance, moving straight/making a turn/turning around at an intersection, and stopping at a station. In addition, Apolong can actively collect and upload scene data when moving. Upon completion of cloud programmed algorithm optimization, the vehicular programs can be updated by OTA upgrading. In this way, the self-driving ability is upgraded correspondingly.

The vehicular human-vehicle interaction system supports natural language dialog, face identification, mobile APP, and personalized customization contents. Relying on the highly intelligent self-driving ability and the interaction function, Apolong becomes an intelligent mobile space really understanding your needs.

By collaborative work of various sensors installed all over, Apolong can obtain the overall recognition of surroundings (such as pedestrians, obstacles, signal lamps and traffic signs). Apolong can then predict the possible moving trails of the surroundings by processor computing and generation of obstacle classification and status.

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