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PEV12 Smart Citylights, a New Choice of Urban Travel

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PEV12 Smart Citylights, a New Choice of Urban Travel

Jun 28 , 2022

The PEV12 is designed on the basis of the combination of the international trends and scientific progress and modern elements. With zero emission, your travel becomes more environmental-friendly.

The PEV12 is designed on the basis of the combination of the international trends and scientific progress and modern elements. It is also equipped with the V2X5G inside while enjoying a wonderful appearance. In order to give full play to the advantages of 5G, King Long has designed and manufactured the new intelligent chassis platform and intelligent network domain controller of PEV12.

On the basis of the 5G technology, the PEV12 can realize such 5GV2X functions as over-the-horizon collision prevention, real-time vehicle-road coordination, optimal vehicle control strategy, and safe and accurate parking. In addition, the PEV12 is more intelligent as a result of the driver's identification and action recognition, the judgment of the congestion degree in the vehicle, the active anti-clamp and anti-collision functions and other auxiliary driving functions. The ECO-Chip 3.0 of PEV12 can significantly improve the safety, stability, comfort and charging safety of vehicles with the high computing capacity of a 32-bit dual-core VCU processor, as well as upgraded control hardware and control strategy. By virtue of the OTA technology, ECO-Chip 3.0 can fulfill iterative upgrading of function easily.

The internal atmosphere of PEV12 is also impressive. Reasonable battery layout are combined for it. With a large area of glass applied, much more view can be provided for passengers in the vehicle. Both technology and metro-like design are combined and ambient lighting are reasonably applied to create a more comfortable riding environment.

Supersized front windscreen,LED strap flashing with speed rhythm.

Rear frame-type strip light design,featuring aesthetics and practicability.

Electric double sliding doors,ensuring efficient access and safety.

Super-large LCD touch screen,enabling intelligent and convenient driving and control.

Multi-directional adjustable driver seat,alleviating driving fatigue.

Concealed&diagonal design of seat leg,featuring aesthetics and saving the space

Bright ambient lighting design ,ensuring spacious and transparent space in the vehicle.

The intelligent chassis platform can help realize linear control of braking, steering and power systems, intelligent network domain controller, unified management of intelligent network connection equipment, and accurate perception. With the intelligent chassis platform and the intelligent network domain controller, PEV12 can make use of the large bandwidth and low delay characteristics of 5G to realize efficient co-operation between the vehicle system and traffic environment.

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