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Comprehensively Upgraded Suburban Bus U13

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Comprehensively Upgraded Suburban Bus U13

Jun 28 , 2022

U13 features fashionable and impressive appearance. With elaborate design, it provides both the driver and passengers with comfortable experience during the journey.

In terms of safety and reliability, the Q700 high-strength steel with "3H" structure has been adopted to improve the structural rigidity and strength of the vehicle body. Through CAE analysis, it is found that U13 also has excellent performance in vehicle NVH optimization. The intelligent ICS cooling system can save energy, reduce emissions, and prolong engine life. It is installed with the EBS ESC AEBS and other active and auxiliary braking systems, which can greatly improve the active safety performance of the vehicle.

In order to meet the driving demand of suburban roads, the U13 driving area has optimized instruments layout, and featured a multi-functional steering wheel and an electronic handbrake, etc. making it more convenient to drive and control. No matter on wide roads or rugged paths, drivers can always drive easily.

While its 13-m length can meet the operational requirements, the U13 also makes full use of every inch of space by scientifically arranging the seats layout, which not only improves the operational efficiency, but also enables passengers to have a more comfortable riding experience. The passenger seats fully conform to the human body curve and are making it more comfortable for riding. Equipped with ambient lighting, reading lights and other devices, it increases the travel fun. Meanwhile, the roof ambient lighting trim can also create a warm atmosphere.

Simple and concise designed front face with flexible full LED front headlight

Siple and beautiful designed rearwall with rear LED combination lights

Through type luggage compartment for more convenient storage.

Adjustable electrical rearview mirror for clearer vision

Multifunctional steering wheel for more convenient driving.

Driver seat with shock absorption for reducing driving fatigue.

Ergonomic and comfrtable passenger seats.

Top mood light strip for warm and peaceful atmospherem.Aviation style luggage rack for convenient storage of personal belongings.

Full load vehicle body struvture as safety guarantee.

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