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Yes, AI Do! King Long Apolong Appeared on Baidu World Congress

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Yes, AI Do! King Long Apolong Appeared on Baidu World Congress

Jun 28 , 2022

On November 1st, the 2018 Baidu World Congress with the theme of "Yes, AI Do" was held in Beijing, showcasing the application of artificial intelligence technology and product innovation. Advances in science and technology have dramatically changed human lifestyles. Better future will be created with driving of technology. “Self-driving shuttle bus” Apolong launched on this congress has once again changed public perception of vehicles, and perfectly interpreted future travel and life scenarios.

Debuting of “Self-driving Shuttle Bus” Apolong, Unimaginable Future Travel Mode

On the main stand at the entrance of the congress, the new "Diamond Silver” version of Apolong was particularly attractive. It is developed under cooperation of King Long, Baidu and Panasonic based on Apolong platform. “Self-driving shuttle bus” Apolong, which is developed to cope with AI era, has been provided with the first software and hardware integrated IOV solution orienting to autonomous driving scenario.

Future Self-driving Shuttle Bus

“Self-driving Shuttle Bus” Apolong integrates top high-tech intelligent equipment and intelligent housing. It features conceptual aviation cabin layout, window glass display screen, panoramic intelligent liquid crystal roof, intelligent induction lighting system, massage sofa, surround stereo, etc., bringing a full range of entertainment experience and atmosphere.

“Self-driving Shuttle Bus” Apolong for Future Life

Outfitted with DuerOS Future system, Apolong presents a multi-dimensional interactive experience to users in entertainment, rest, working and family time with its multi scenarios. Based on Baidu 's powerful voice and visual technologies, DuerOS is not only "talkative", but also "observant". User sitting in the car are able to interact with Apolong like using a mobile phone in singing, watching a movie, doing massage, holding a meeting and so on. Meanwhile, users also can send messages to Apolong through sense organ interaction such as watching, listening, speaking to enjoy more intelligent service.

In addition, the intelligent window transparency adjustment, improves privacy and provides better space for rest. On-board system can be awakened without any dead angle. Surround sound embodies excellent hearing enjoyment. Users can enjoy a smarter and safer driving and riding.

Apolong Evolving from No-Driver to More Fun

As the first mass-produced Class L4 autonomous bus, King Long Apolong achieved the mission in commercialization phase. In 120 days since the mass production of 100 vehicles was launched on July 4, Apolong has been striking, made its debut at the World Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem Conference, and run across Xiongan, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Suzhou, Xiamen and other cities:

  1. Covering more than 10,000 km mileage
  2. Carrying more than 10,000 persons/time
  3. Getting more than 8,000 pieces of feedback
  4. Maintaining safety accident free

Moreover, King Long will continue to explore commercial operating markets and new boundaries of autonomous driving in L4 parks for Apolong. It is scheduled to promote Apolong in 17 districts of 12 provinces and municipalities in China by the end of 2018.

It is clear that autonomous vehicles will redefine the new concept and mode of travel in the future. Without a steering wheel, Apolong is highly capable of autonomous driving. In AI era, the vehicle cockpit becomes an additional space to living and working spaces. Under such background, Apolong makes innovation and breakthrough, transforming from a “public travel tool” to a “Self-driving Shuttle Bus” and providing “more fun” in the mobile space. It presents a promising future for L4 autonomous driving technology converting to product. Relied on progress in AI technology, Apolong leads the new era for public travel again.

Apolong exhibited on this congress is the results of exploration and practice in the space of new generation of driverless buses, representing the transformation and reform directions of vehicles in AI era. With Apolong autonomous driving platform, King Long driverless buses can be customized to provide personalized service and create better travel experience.

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