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King Long Launched 5G Intelligent BRT Bus Test Ride

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King Long Launched 5G Intelligent BRT Bus Test Ride

Jun 28 , 2022

On September 13rd, the 5G-oriented City-level Intelligent Connected Application Launch was held. Xiamen has become the first city that launches 5G-oriented commercial intelligent connected application. On that day, the leaders of the attending units, invited guests and media representatives also had an on-the-spot ride to experience the increased safety, convenience and comfort BRT buses installed with King Long’s 5G-oriented Intelligent Connected System.

5G IOV is at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology. Compared with 4G, 5G features higher reliability, faster transmission rate, lower delay and vehicle-vehicle communication. It is the only way to achieve the ultimate goal of unmanned driving. BRT system in Xiamen, which has the unique closed road right in the whole country, is an optimal demonstration scenario for 5G-oriented intelligent connected application projects.

At the launch, Xiamen Municipal Transportation Bureau said it would work with relevant departments to formulate Xiamen Intelligent Connected Vehicle Road Test Management Standards, and develop local 5G intelligent connected driving standards, improving the legal system of intelligent driving from construction, testing, operation to management. Meanwhile, it will work with Jimei District Committee and District Government to promote the 5G IOV industry to be implemented in Jimei Software Park Phase III on the basis of project implementation, jointly incubate and create over RMB 10 billion output, and finally realize the great visions of intelligent driving city and 5G pilot city in Xiamen.

On the same day, two King Long buses printed with “BRT Intelligent Connected” took arriving guests to experience a fresh ride. Starting from Huaqiao University Station of BRT, these buses passed Daxuecheng Station, Station of Amoy Institute of Technovation, and Station of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and then returned to Huaqiao University Station.

It was not a long ride, but the BRT system on the two King Long buses proved that all functions of the 5G-oriented intelligent connected vehicle infrastructure cooperative system (VICS) (demonstration application on the BRT system) had been realized, including:

Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

The system automatically calculated fuel consumption from Huaqiao University Station to Daxuecheng Station, and converted the efficiency of energy saving and emission reduction against unconnected buses.

Real-time Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative System

The system automatically detected the traffic light state and made adjustment and decisions accordingly when the bus was 200m from the traffic light to the south of Station of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and crossed the intersection with optimal speed, realizing green wave passage. Then the system controlled and reduced the speed and stopped at Station of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Anti-crossing collision

The buses returned back at Station of Chinese Academy of Sciences to demonstrate a down driving. When the bus was 200m from the traffic light to the south of Station of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the system automatically detected the traffic light state. When finding some motor vehicles or pedestrians running a red light, it adjusted the traffic light in time to avoid crossing collision.

Anti-longitudinal Collision

After leaving Station of Amoy Institute of Technovation, the bus accelerated gradually. At that time, the system detected the vehicle in front decelerating suddenly, so it controlled the bus to speed down immediately. It slowly stopped the bus to avoid a longitudinal collision, while keeping passengers on board safe and comfort.

In this project, King Long has transformed braking system in linear control, changed the power system, developed emergency protection, and integrated ADAS products with new 5G V2X control strategy for traditional BRT buses. This successful operation during project demonstration proves that the 5G-oriented IOV technology can materially keep BRT more secure, better in service, more environment friendly and more responsive in emergency, and enable Xiamen to lead domestic 5G-oriented city-level intelligent connected application.

King Long will produce more 5G-oriented intelligent connected buses. On the basis of the successful test in Jimei section, the project will gradually expand in the entire BRT system, extend to all fields such as "tour buses, route passenger transport running on Class III roads, and vehicles transporting dangerous articles", public transport, logistics, private cars and so on, and gradually build Xiamen into a demonstration city for 5G-oriented intelligent connected driving.

Meanwhile, 5G technology of TDmobile can perfectly be compatible with future operation of autonomous bus "Apolong". In addition, bus lanes under construction in Xiamen have reserved facilities for 5G-oriented intelligent connected application. Development of 5G-oriented application projects and industry will further enhance leapfrog development of 5G and IOV industries, turn Xiamen to a pilot city leading global 5G industry. Therefore, beautiful and highly talented Xiamen will be marked as the leader, pioneer and inspirer of intelligent transportation.

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