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Apolong’s Striking Tech Tour in Autumn

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Apolong’s Striking Tech Tour in Autumn

Jun 28 , 2022


Apolong Presenting Innovative Intelligent Environment Friendly Transportation Service Featuring Autonomous Driving Wireless Charging PV Generation

The first Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference and the third International Forum on Energy Transitions were held from October 18 to 19 in Tongli Ancient Town, Suzhou. A number of international energy innovation projects were showcased, the most noteworthy of which was the “intelligent” transportation and energy mode of King Long Apolong integrating wireless charging and PV generation. Apolong provided commuting and visiting service during such events.

The Longest Electronic Highway Initiated in the World

During the conference and forum, ministers of energy and heads of relevant international organizations, academicians and conference delegates and other Chinese and foreign guests experienced the demonstration operation of Apolong which integrates three, i.e., autonomous driving, automatic charging and PV generation, in one. The guests highly praised its leading intelligent driving technology, and smooth and comfortable riding experience and expected a promising respect of “three in one” electronic highway application. They believed that the intelligent transportation merging power flow, traffic flow and information flow is a beneficial exploration in building new energy utilization complex and new smart city, and creating beautiful future new green and intelligent life.


Apolong Showcasing on World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference

The World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference was held on October 18 in Beijing. Two Apolongs had a demonstration and trial ride at the conference center. On the opening day, Wan Gang, the Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, and other leaders experienced Apolong’s autonomous operation with interest. These leaders affirmed the cooperation mode and research and development achievements of Baidu and King Long, praised Apolong's autonomous capability, and encouraged Baidu and King Long to speed up independent research and development of intelligent vehicle technology and make greater contribution to China's automotive development.

Baidu International Building in Beijing"

First Romantic Group Wedding Held on “Self-driving Shuttle Bus” Apolong Leading Fleet in the World

On October 24, three UGV engineers from Baidu organized the first group wedding with their spouses on a "driverless fleet" in the world, which was romantic and technological.

At 7:30 a.m., decorated with flowers and coloured silk, the driverless fleet led by Apolong started off. It was so romantic. It may be the most extraordinary and proud to take their brides by riding on the Apolong leading fleet equipped with Apolong autonomous driving platform, to which these grooms were devoted.

After the wedding, 6 autonomous vehicles were coming slowly and the three new couples got on Apolong hand in hand to complete the final ceremony. Taking 3 new couples, Apolong by 6 Baidu L4 autonomous vehicles ran around Baidu International Building once to end that happy and fun day in a satisfactory way.

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