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Xiamen BRT is Ten Years Old!

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Xiamen BRT is Ten Years Old!

Jun 28 , 2022

In the morning, we wake up in the rising sun against the blue sky.

At night, we go home together with the lights and dish fragrance along the roads.

Traveling fast in the city, we feel the vitality of the city all the time.
Xiamen BRT, providing fast transport every day,has accompanied us for ten years regardless of wind or rain.

In all the valuable memories, it is always there.

In July 2006, Xiamen Government began to plan the construction of BRT

In September 2007, the first phase of the BRT Construction Project officially started and about 100,000 people participated in the construction.

In June 2008, the overpass in the island section of Line 1 was completed.

In August 2008, Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 officially opened to traffic.

Transportation, as the lifeblood of the city has always been the most important link of the development.

As early as when Xiamen BRT started.
King Long has been its best partner.With a transportation volume of one billion person in ten years, both of them delivered a steady stream of power for Xiamen together and have become the most solid bones of the city

Today, the volume of travel by BRT has reached 300,000 person-times on average every day

The ten years of glory of Xiamen BRT is also a testimony to the efforts of King Long over the past ten years.

In the time to fight together for public transport.

King Long was also growing rapidly at "BRT speed"!

King Long hopes that it can provide better products and services in the future,and work together with BRT in the next ten years to create more miracles for Xiamen.

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