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Luxury Tourist Coach Roundly Upgraded: Your Best Companion for Travelling ——Pure Electric XMQ6130E

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Luxury Tourist Coach Roundly Upgraded: Your Best Companion for Travelling ——Pure Electric XMQ6130E

Jun 28 , 2022

Newly built by King Long, XMQ6130E is a special pure electric coach for the high-end tourism market.

This model would become your best companion during the trip due to the upgrades in appearance, comfort, portability and powertrain of the complete vehicle.

Riding on it, you will experience a quieter and more comfortable travelling, making part of your trip memories.

The coach features slender body lines with a length of 13 meters, being capable of serving more passengers. Employing CAE simulation calculation, the complete vehicle has reduced wind drag and ensured beautiful appearance at the same time. Square-like body and round head highlight this model.

Electrically adjustable rearview mirror brings a wider field of vision for driver to see outside conditions at any time.

Adopting the shape of King Long logo, the LED daytime running lamps are sporty, and they can also improve vehicle safety effectively.

A large piece of front windshield enables a better view, cooperating with electric wipers to adapt to various weather conditions effectively.

Combined tail lamps have better perspective degree to show a good warning function. They are good-looking and functional as well.

The high-mount brake lamp is extremely eye-catching and merged with King Long logo. This shows a sense of design.

The complete vehicle features a comfortable interior ambiance because of its large space and brightness. Designed based on ergonomics, the seats would not tire passengers even for a long sitting. It employs flannelette materials to increase permeability and create more comfortable body feeling. Adopting a 2 2 seating layout, the gangway is more spacious, and it is more convenient for passengers to get on and off.

The beautiful rack cooperates with blue interior ambiance lamps to create an elegant and fresh interior environment.

The floor clearance lamps further brighten the interior ambiance.

The LED lamps mark seat number, so passengers can find their seats quickly even in darkness. The air-conditioning outlet is merged with lamps to show a perfect spatial arrangement, leaving passengers more head space.

Optimized dash design allows more space in the coach.

The rear bathroom guarantees passengers' privacy and conveniences. It makes the trip more convenient and suits long journey.

The coach is equipped with two independent televisions, which adopt LCD screens and have clearer pictures.

The driving space was also designed based on ergonomics, and reasonable button layout allows convenient operation of driver.

The lifting seat can effectively alleviate the driver's driving fatigue and create a comfortable and easy driving experience.

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