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What King Long Has Discovered in 2007

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What King Long Has Discovered in 2007

Jun 28 , 2022

Since 2007, King Long has made several measures in brand building. Firstly, King Long has positioned itself as "China Coach Expert" and raised its committmet to "Create Professionalism through details". Secondly, King Long launched the brand promotion activity "The Discovery Tour" which aims to promote new brand orientation to clients. Thirdly, participating in European Bus Exhibition and sponsoring University Intellectual Contest both enlarged the brand promotion coverage. All in all, a series of measures King Long did have gained a good market returns.

Controversy: Whether the orientation "China Coach Expert" is adequate or not?

At the beginning of 2007, King Long management team has made thoroughly analysis on company brand. After analyzed King Long's position in customers' view, competitor's condition as well as its own long-term strategy, King Long management team put forward the brand orientation "China Coach Expert".

In recent years, China coach export concentrated on Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other developing regions, but the image of China coach remains low quality and low price. Some industry experts even fear that "China Coach Expert" orientation would affect the good performance which King Long has established in overseas market. Nevertheless, King Long advocated that the orientation "China Coach Expert" has seized the commanding height in China coach industry by providing unique and differentiated service.

The spokesman of King Long Dai Yongjia explained :"King Long has made great achievements in both bus manufacturing arts and product quality. In 2007, orders from overseas market increased rapidly, so raising orientation "China Coach Expert" could clarify the misunderstandings about China coaches."


Discovery: Great market potentail exist in Second and Third market.

In 2007, King Long launched its brand promotion activity "The Discovery Tour" which said to have last two and a half months , arrived at Beijing, Shenyang, Chengdu, Jinan, Nanjing, Nanning, Guangzhou eight main China cities and through eighteen provinces and municipalities. The whole travel tour experienced 30,000 kilometers, invited more than 2,500 customers and formed great impact on China bus industry.

Looking back the function the tour had lead, The spokesman of King Long Dai Yongjia said " King Long's sales increase in tranditional market such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Zhejing are not evident, but the sales increase in Second and Third market are more and more evident. We are considering to put more emphasis on this lower market."

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