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Kinglong: A legend of

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Kinglong: A legend of

Jun 28 , 2022

Brand shows its great influence to china bus and coach manufacturers obviously in 2007. Kinglong has put forward "China Bus and Coach Expert" concept for brand orientation after several years experience and deeply thinking about itself, which efficiently strengthen its brand image.

In 1999, Kinglong firstly held bus and coach exhibition to introduce key products to clients, which achieved good results and was coped by other enterprises. And today-eight years later, facing powerful competitions from rivals, how to use more systemic ways to present achievements and leadership and to take the current advantages to build top brand, have became a serious problem.

Qu Tao, an experienced veteran experting in bus and coach brand research said, brand promotion activities are generally at primary stage, the biggest problem is unclearly brand characters and single spreading way, also there are some mistakes for enterprises to blow for its brand construction,but not in practice.

Yaohui, manager of Kinglong of Guangxi area told to reporter, people were unclearly about Kinglong in 2004, and salesman worked hard to help to distinguish "Three Dragons", but they were still ambiguous about the brand, which could see from a small increase of sales account, adding that, after the "Discovery" activity held in 2007, Kinglong brand gradully accepted and the sales account rose from 46 millions Yuan in 2006 to 90 millions Yuan in 2007 in Guangxi, which has a status changed from the fourth to the second grade market.

Some industry insiders appraised the brand orientation of "China bus and coach expert" has a key word "professional" is an advantage to Kinglong, according with its middle term strategic programme, which has strong tractility. Brand Effect indirectory helped to sell more in 2007, according to statistics, Kinglong had sold 12514 unit buses with value of 4.536 billions Yuan, up 25.8% and 23.4% respectively compared with the same period.

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