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Kinglong Unveiled Secret Arms about Overseas Exportation

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Kinglong Unveiled Secret Arms about Overseas Exportation

Jun 28 , 2022

In 2007, Kionglong's overseas sales volume had broken through 1500 units with total value of 750 million RMB, up 80% and 100% respectively compared with the same period in 2006. It is said that Kinglong Buses and Coachs has served in 45 countries and areas.But not noly these books Kinglong has obtained in 2007, but also Kinglong has its China Top Brand built and promoted in overseas market. On 19th October, Kinglong represented China Bus and Coach, the second time participated in the Euro Expo held in Belguim, and announced its world brand orientation of "China's Bus & Coach Leader" to all world bus and coach industries.

Kinglong Top Grade Luxury Buses are the first choice in Middle East Markets

When people are thinking about what has made Kinglong have such a growth in overseas market and gain good achievement of exportation, Kinglong has told them what really they do are as following:

Firstly, Kinglong has a top grade products orientation in European markets: after Kinglong passed VCR Certificate in 2005, it has extended overseas markets in many European countries, such as German, France, Britain, Italy and other nine countries, by its high and new technologies and exquisite crafts.

Secondly, Kionglong supplied products are more localized, which are very corresponded to local environment and conditions.

Finally, Kinglong strengthens sales channel's construction to raise achievement, besides directly exported complete vehicles, Kinglong also cooperate with local manufacturers and dealers which are the most influential by means of CKD. Erjia Sun, director of CKD office said, we have different channels to meet different exported countries and areas, adding that, for example, in order to reduce cost, improving products adaptability, making services more reasonable and finally eradiating products more quickly, Kinglong chooses to cooperate by means of CKD with Vietnam and India.

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