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The Prime Minister Cut the Ribbon to Open the Ceremony for the First Delivery of King Long Longwin II to Sri Lanka

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The Prime Minister Cut the Ribbon to Open the Ceremony for the First Delivery of King Long Longwin II to Sri Lanka

Jun 28 , 2022

On June 27, the King Long Longwin II delivery ceremony was held in Colombo, Capital of Sri Lanka. At the ceremony, representatives of the Sri Lankan dealers of King Long handed over the golden keys to the Sri Lanka's Minister of Transport, and nine King Long Longwin II XMQ6127 buses were successfully delivered to the end customers.

This is the first time for Sri Lanka’s state-owned transportation enterprise to purchase Chinese brand buses, which is of great historical significance. Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe was present to witness this important moment, cut the ribbon for the new vehicle, handed over the vehicle keys to the drivers and then took the test ride. “These super deluxe buses will bring high-quality transportation services to Sri Lankans.” After experiencing Longwin II himself, he praised King Long products.

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe Cut the Ribbon for Longwin II

Prime Minister Handed Over the Vehicle Keys to the Driver

Prime Minister (First from Right) Tries to Take Longwin II

After years of persistence, good public praise has won the trust of the market

This batch of orders is not large, but why can it attract the Prime Minister’s attention and obtain his support? It starts with the important mission to be undertaken by this batch of orders. The nine King Long Longwin II buses will take up the passenger transport between Colombo and other Sri Lankan cities. It will greatly improve the inter-city transport service level of Sri Lanka and greatly improve the travel quality of local people, and is also an important measure to enhance the city image of Colombo, Capital of Sri Lanka.

“In Colombo, many people live in suburbs or surrounding cities. Colombo’s public transportation to and from other cities is underdeveloped, so most people choose to drive themselves. However, there are the problems of poor road conditions and serious traffic jams, which make the traffic between cities very inconvenient.” The salesperson in charge of Sri Lanka’s market of King Long said that in recent years, the cooperation between China and Sri Lanka has deepened continuously, especially since the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). As Sri Lanka’s largest infrastructure construction partner, China has assisted Sri Lanka in building many infrastructure projects, such as expressway construction. The completion of the expressway has created conditions for the operation of inter-city passenger transport, and traffic from Colombo to other cities has been gradually improved. However, most commercial buses are old, unsound and comfortless.

In order to improve people’s transportation and living standards, a state-owned transportation company of Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Transport invited open bids at the end of last year to purchase nine new 12m long-distance buses. In the end, King Long Longwin II XMQ6127CY won the bid with its beautiful and novel design and stable and excellent performance, thanks to good reputation accumulated through years of King Long in Sri Lanka. This is also the first time for the enterprise to purchase Chinese-brand buses and it will usher in a new era of inter-city traffic in Sri Lanka.

High-end Manufacturing Opens a New Era for Passenger Transport

King Long entered Sri Lanka in 2012 with XMQ6117Y and XMQ6900Y tourism buses. Up to now, the number of local King Long buses has reached 130, ranking first among Chinese bus brands. Sri Lanka is a very attractive tourist island country. King Long exported 8-12m of tourist buses to Sri Lanka to serve the local long-distance passenger transport and tourist market. In the eight years since entering Sri Lanka, King Long has won praise from customers and enjoyed a good reputation for its reliable quality and excellent service.

King Long Longwin II is a representative of China’s high-end bus manufacturing. The Longwin II XMQ6127CY delivered in this batch is customized according to Sri Lankan market characteristics and customer requirements while maintaining high quality. The whole bus is in bright red color and adopts the upper and lower double windshields most favored by local customers at present, bright and noble. Its side light bans also make an impression. According to the latest Sri Lankan requirements, this batch of Longwin II meets Euro 4 emission standards. At the same time, in order to improve the ride comfort and enrich the travel life, this batch of orders has many humanized designs, for example, each seat is equipped with USB charging interface. “The use of this batch of vehicles will greatly improve the quality of public transportation and set a benchmark for Sri Lanka’s passenger transport. We hope that there will be more such high-quality Chinese buses to serve Sri Lankan people in the future.” said by the head of the end customer.

Sri Lanka is an important country in BRI. The King Long Longwin II was exported to Sri Lanka and successfully delivered this time, which represents another important achievement jointly built by China and Sri Lanka in BRI and another achievement of King Long’s persistence in B&R market. With the continuous development of BRI, the demand of countries along the route will be gradually released. King Long’s overseas marketing will bring better travel to more countries along the route with its 31-year manufacturing and research and development strength, innovative ability and leading technology, persistence and outside help.

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