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King Long has Served NPC & CPPCC for 19 Consecutive Years

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King Long has Served NPC & CPPCC for 19 Consecutive Years

Jun 28 , 2022

King Long buses were selected to provide shuttle service during the “Two Sessions” of 2019. Longwin II provided zero fault and high level service to the delegates.

Longwin II, a high-end product of bus in China, was selected to provide shuttle service during the “Two Sessions” of 2019, the 19th consecutive year that King Long bus is chosen as shuttle bus. With “super five-star” performance, Longwin II enhances the service of shuttle buses in the “Two Sessions”, exhibiting new manufacturing strength of Chinese bus manufacturers.

High-end manufacturing brings about better shuttle services

After strenuous efforts in the past 40 years since the reform and opening-up, China now pursues high-quality development, a principle which also guides those striving to build China into a powerful nation of bus manufacturing. As China advocates a development centering on high quality and benefits, King Long, a leading enterprise of bus manufacturing in China, actively responds to the trend in recent years. Boasted with 30 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing, King Long upgrades quality of its independent brand buses and brand image by adopting innovating R&D mode and promoting intelligent manufacturing.

Longwin II won acclaim with its high quality in the “Two Sessions” of 2018 when it served NPC and CPPCC for the first time. It showcases King Long’s reformation at the supply side and endeavor in realizing high-quality development and promoting Chinese bus manufacturing development towards high-end level. Longwin II, by benchmarking against international first-class bus brands and employing a whole-process digitization and modularization platform, is highly harmonious, enabling it to compete with those brands ranking high in bus manufacturing worldwide. In last May, Longwin II passed the test under China Safety Coach Assessment Programme (C-SCAP) with a score of 98.02, the highest in the industry, and was awarded as a “Super Five-star Safe Bus in China”; in last December, Longwin II passed China VI emission certification test, the “most stringent” emission test in history, at one go, becoming the first bus model passing China VI-b vehicle type certification test.

Safety and energy conservation are the key factors to determine the strength of vehicle products and embody the bus corporate responsibility. Longwin II has passed industrial rigorous tests in safety and energy conservation in succession, proving its “strength” to lead high-end bus. During this “Two Sessions”, Longwin II won unanimous praise of the units using the buses, NPC deputies and CPPCC members because of its excellent performance in safety, energy conservation and comfort.

Innovative technologies guide the industry to a higher level

In the process of unremittingly pushing forward high-quality development of bus industry, King Long takes innovative technologies as major driving force to promote industry transformation and upgrading, and lead the industry to a higher level. In addition to high-end Longwin II, King Long also engages in automatic drive, making it a forerunner, leader and enabler of the bus industry.

Automatic drive attracts much attention in recent years. In the special press conference on transportation held by the State Council Information Office of the PRC before this “Two Sessions”, Li Xiaopeng, the Minister of Transport, said that automatic drive is a cutting-edge technology in transportation field and great importance shall be attached to its R&D and application. He pointed out that developing automatic drive is important for ensuring safety, raising efficiency, improving service and developing the industry. In addition, the Ministry of Transport of the PRC would discreetly carry out pilot application, he said.

Apolong, a L4-level autonomous bus developed by King Long in collaboration with Baidu, is a product with various technologies reaching a globally advanced level. King Long pioneers in commercial operation of automatic drive in the world, with its autonomous buses operating at 21 regions nationwide, including Beijing Haidian Park, Shougang Part, Xiong’an New Area in Hebei, Xiamen Software Park (Phase III) in Fujian, Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone and Country Garden’s Sci-tech Town in Huizhou Tonghu. King Long unfolds a new era of intelligent public transport and leads Chinese automobile industry into a brand-new journey.

By virtue of “national bus” quality, King Long buses provide satisfactory and fault-free service throughout the “Two Sessions”. In the future, King Long will persist in innovation, stick to high-quality development and strives to provide better public transport.

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