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Taking you forward! King Long shined at Xiamen International Marathon

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Taking you forward! King Long shined at Xiamen International Marathon

Jun 28 , 2022

Xiamen International Marathon kicked off on January 6th,2019. Almost 30,000 runners from over 30 countries and regions competed in the race. King Long was the only bus manufacturer selected to provide service in the race.

It has been 15 years since 2003 when King Long buses serviced Xiamen Marathon for the first time. In 2019, the beginning year of the following three decades of development, King Long provides service to the Xiamen Marathon, hoping that the spirit of Marathon will drive enterprise innovation and development. This year, a team of employees from King Long also take part in the race with the slogan of “King Long blue, a low-carbon transportation solution”. With firm strides, they are epitomes of a determined and future-oriented King Long which strives to bring about better public transport.

Looking ahead, never stop in innovation

On the flowery Huandao Road, the quaint Lujiang Road, the vibrant Xiamen University and the picturesque Bailuzhou Park, King Long team composed of elites from different departments are spotted easily on the brand-new and upgraded track of the 2019 Xiamen Marathon. They all dressed in blue sport shirt decorated with words “King Long blue, a low-carbon transportation solution”. They, being tough-minded, challenge themselves, transcend the limits and go all out to win.

The first Xiamen Marathon was held in 2003, the year King Long marked its 15th anniversary. Now, King Long has evolved into a flagship enterprise of Xiamen's industry. Its enterprising spirit coincides with the spirit of Marathon, namely “Challenging Yourself, Transcending the Limits, Persevering and Never Giving up”, which contributes to the cooperation between King Long and the Xiamen Marathon. The spirit of Marathon takes root in the development course of King Long. King Long, as a leading enterprise of Chinese bus industry, will lead Chinese bus manufacturing industry to the world stage. After 30 years of development, King Long succeeds in entering the world stage as it persists in independent innovation and is fearlessness.

As a self-owned brand, King Long is always in a state resembling the mindset of a runner--just keep running--in the past three decades. It fulfills its responsibilities as a leading enterprise and leads Chinese bus industry to realize high-quality development. In intelligent transformation of automobile industry in recent years, King Long again leads the industry and becomes a forerunner, leader and enabler of intelligent transformation. King Long accelerates scientific and technological innovation and strives to provide better public transport with the proposition—“Advance with Innovation, Meet Your Transport Needs”.

It is worth mentioning that, Apolong, the first L4-level MP autonomous bus in China was put into commercial operation in 2018, marking the beginning of autonomous driving in public transport and establishing a new milestone in Chinese automobile industry.

Protecting our blue planet, no quit in carrying out public benefit activities

Over the last 10 odd years, in addition to provide service to Xiamen Marathon, King Long also unremittingly practices the social responsibility to make contribution to build a green, healthy, technologically advanced and environment-friendly Xiamen. Pure electric King Long buses for the competition, King Long new energy buses throughout the city, and green and convenient public transport, all combined ensures a environment-friendly Xiamen and Xiamen Marathon, making the international competition more attractive.

In 2019, the Xiamen Marathon became the first marathon joining the “Clean Seas Campaign” of UNEP. Advocating “clean seas”, the Xiamen Marathon pays attention to environment protection in every detail of the competition to improve public benefit level. In this competition, disposable plastic cups are replaced with cups of degradable materials, to reduce plastic materials in the competition, hoping that this will set an example to more marathons and, ultimately, “no plastics” can become reality.

“Clean Seas” team of King Long is clearing up rubbish on beach with degradable rubbish bags

King Long, at the same time of ensuring shuttle service of the competition, actively fulfills its social responsibilities and organizes its employees to participate in the clean seas activities. A “Clean Seas” team of King Long employees and volunteers of party members clears up marine litter at the beach of the Huandao Road. King Long also hopes that with Xiamen taking the lead, the public would pay attention to the problem of marine litter and protect our blue planet with actions such as developing good living habits and reducing garbage.

Building better public transport is also a never-ending marathon. With thirty years of R&D and manufacturing capability, King Long will, adhering to the spirit of marathon, promote enterprise innovation in the racing track of Chinese bus industry and contribute to the development of Chinese automobile industry.

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