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Delivery of King Long 170 CNG City Buses to Mexico

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Delivery of King Long 170 CNG City Buses to Mexico

Jun 28 , 2022

On the sunny morning of July 12, buses with fresh, foursquare and concise appearance lined up against the blue sky and white clouds in the King Long Bus Factory. The Delivery Ceremony of King Long Buses to Mexico with the theme of “Win-Win Cooperation for Better Future” was held here. At the ceremony, Xie Siyu, Chairman of King Long, handed over the golden key to Louis, representative of the Mexican distributor, representing the official delivery of 170 King Long CNG city buses. This order includes 157 12-meter city buses and 13 18-meter articulated city buses, which will all be put into operation in Queretaro, Mexico upon arrival.

Xie Siyu, Chairman of King Long, Handed Over Golden Key to Representative of Mexican Distributor

It is reported that this batch of city buses is King Long's first order for export to Mexico, and it is also the largest order for Chinese city buses to be exported to Latin America since the beginning of this year. In addition, the 18-meter articulated city bus delivered this time is also the model firstly imported by Mexico, which is of milestone significance. This order is not only an achievement obtained by King Long in its deep exploration of the Latin American market for many years, but also a witness to the deepening cooperation between China and Mexico and a strong proof of the world market share of buses made in China.

Energy-saving Pioneer, Creating New Fashion of Green Travel

Queretaro is the third largest city in Mexico. It not only is a famous tourist resort, but also has modern industry and agriculture. With the development of economy, Queretaro is also facing the problem of increasingly serious environmental pollution. The local government attaches great importance to people's livelihood and ecological development. It makes full use of local resources, adopts CNG city buses instead of traditional energy city buses, and strives to build a green and environmentally friendly public transport system.

Address by Zhang Bin, General Manager of King Long

Address by Representative of Mexican Distributor

"This batch of 170 CNG city buses will be delivered to the largest transport company in Queretaro and put into operation on the city's major BRT lines. It is especially worth mentioning that this order includes 13 18-meter CNG articulated city buses, whose super-large passenger capacity greatly meets the demand during peak hours. We believe that the operation of this batch of environmentally friendly buses will effectively improve the service level of local public transport and the travel efficiency of the public, and will also contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction in the city." The representative of the Mexican distributor of King Long said.

Queretaro's first large-scale purchase of King Long buses comes from the reputation and strength accumulated by King Long in the South American market for many years. Since 2007 when King Long entered the Latin American market, its good brand image and excellent product quality have been recognized by the market, and a close cooperation relationship has been established. Up to now, nearly 30,000 King Long buses have been widely used in Latin America.

Efficient Linkage Wining Praise from Customers

As this order is of great significance to the construction of a green travel system in Queretaro, in order to ensure operation as soon as possible, the delivery period is very short. "There is only 50 days for this order from ordering to delivery. Our company attaches great importance to this order, and the efficient linkage of procurement, technology, production and sales ensures the timely delivery of this order." Ma Aimin, Regional Manager of King Long in Latin America, introduced.

In terms of service, the service team of King Long responds to the customer's needs. Before this order is delivered, King Long has already sent an order bus and dispatched after-sales service engineers to the local area at the same time in advance to train the technicians and drivers of the local transport company and guide the operation practice, so as to ensure that the batch of buses will be put into operation as soon as possible after they are delivered to the city.

The city buses delivered to Queretaro this time are all new models of King Long City Lights, fashionable and concise. In terms of vehicle design, King Long gives full play to its rich experience in manufacturing CNG city buses, optimizes transmission ratio and shift strategy, and comprehensively optimizes the matching design scheme of engine accessory systems to further reduce energy consumption. Aiming at the local rainy weather, the anti-corrosion is strengthened. The design of the sense of science and technology improves the riding comfort in an all-round way, and the electric flip for the disabled and the wireless light stop bell embody the humanistic care.

Sailing of 170 King Long Buses to Mexico on July 15

Enhancing "Going Global", H1 Export Volume of Whole Vehicle Ranking the First in the Industry

As an independent Chinese bus brand that takes the lead in opening up overseas markets, King Long's overseas market is always maintained in steady development and its export volume stays the first in the industry for many years. The achievements of King Long in Mexico and Latin America are the epitome of King Long further deepening international cooperation in recent years.

In 2019, there is great downward pressure on the national bus industry. King Long will face the difficulties, further enhance its "Going Global" efforts, implement the export-leading strategy and strive to boost the increase in export against the market. In the first half (January to June) of this year, King Long exported a total of 7,066 vehicles to 52 countries and regions, ranking the first in Chinese bus industry. The export sales revenue reached RMB 1.236 billion, up 36% YOY. The export of 170 CNG buses to Mexico is a good start for the performance in the second half.

Xie Weiguo, Overseas Marketing Director of King Long, said: "The international bus market situation is still grim in 2019. King Long will continue to explore the international market closely around the two cores—quality and service, expand production capacity cooperation while increasing whole vehicle export, and make use of the opportunities of international cooperation such as "The Belt and Road" to find new development points, seek new breakthroughs, and create a new situation for overseas marketing of Chinese buses."

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