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The King Long M-series bus tour exhibition launched in East China

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The King Long M-series bus tour exhibition launched in East China

May 23 , 2024

"Coming for a Better Future" - The 2024 King Long M-series bus tour exhibition launched in East China. This exhibition showcased two models, including the previously acclaimed M8 and the short rear overhang product M7 of the M-series.

2024 King Long M-series bus

As an essential urban infrastructure, urban public transportation has a profound impact on people's quality of life and sense of happiness. Against the backdrop of the "dual carbon" goals, facing the constantly changing travel needs of the people, public transportation companies need to undergo transformation to achieve sustainable development and better benefit the people's livelihood from transportation development achievements. In response, King Long has undergone product reform and introduced the King Long M7 to assist customers in operational changes. This model fully caters to the trend of "large to small" changes in public transportation, integrating advantages such as large space, high energy efficiency, and high safety, meeting the needs of various travel scenarios such as urban feeder routes, urban-rural routes, and senior-friendly travel.

8-meter bus

In terms of space, the M7 has a length of 7 meters, but its carrying capacity is comparable to an 8-meter bus, with a maximum capacity of 58 passengers. This is achieved through its ultra-long wheelbase of 4050mm and a low-floor area of 8.1 square meters. The M7 adopts a low-floor structural design, with zero steps in the entire standing area, not only comprehensively enhancing the safety of boarding and alighting, providing passengers with a more comfortable riding experience, but also improving operational efficiency and helping customers achieve higher economic benefits.

In terms of energy efficiency, the M7 features a lightweight design, with an integrated drive motor and rear axle in the powertrain, reducing the system weight by over 20% and the curb weight by over 350kg compared to the previous generation. Meanwhile, the M7 employs conical gears, which can improve gear reverse braking ability by 60% to 100% compared to traditional bevel gears, enhancing the vehicle's endurance while reducing customer operating costs.

King Long M7 Bus

In terms of safety and intelligence, the M7 comes standard with the Telematics Technology Platform, which offers advantages such as high efficiency, intelligent safety, and smart vehicle management, assisting in upgrading the management of "people, vehicles, and routes" and providing customers with more effective overall solutions.

King Long M7 Bus

In the future, The King Long M-series bus tour exhibition will continue to tour nationwide, actively engaging in exchanges and discussions with customers, listening to the needs of the market and customers, and continuously advancing product technological innovation and service upgrades on this basis. 

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