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King Long participated in drafting and formulating the first national standard for wire-controlled chassis

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King Long participated in drafting and formulating the first national standard for wire-controlled chassis

May 30 , 2024

In the wave of innovation in the automotive industry, chassis technology is evolving from traditional mechanical operations to an electric and intelligent future. The linear control of vehicle chassis, including steering, braking, driving, and intelligent collaboration, has become a key force in driving automotive technology development. Recently, King Long was very honored to participate in drafting and formulating the first national standard for linear control chassis, which has been officially released and will be officially implemented from November 1, 2024.

Wire-control chassis technology is the core of the autonomous driving field. Since 2016, King Long has firmly grasped the pulse of autonomous driving system research and development. In 2017, China's first mass-produced L4 autonomous driving bus, Apolong, was launched. Since its inception, it has become an industry benchmark, pioneering the global commercial operation of autonomous driving. Among them, wire-control chassis technology is the core research and development achievement of King Long's intelligent vehicle team, which integrates over 30 years of profound vehicle manufacturing skills and innovative research and development capabilities, creating the classic wire-control chassis of the Apolong series.


The Apolong II chassis adopts a centralized electrical and electronic architecture, aiming at centralization, intelligence, and vehicle-cloud collaboration. It integrates functions for management and builds a software platform based on intelligent needs and a new vehicle architecture, focusing on optimization of algorithms and strategies. Based on a big data architecture, the platform also has real-time data mining and analysis functions, enabling chassis abnormalities and vehicle fault warnings, vehicle safety and energy-saving driving behavior analysis, performance analysis and evaluation of components such as batteries, and big data application functions such as autonomous driving control strategies and decision analysis. These outstanding technological achievements have enabled the product to win the 2022 China Top 10 Chassis Special Award, further confirming King Long's authoritative position in the field of intelligent driving technology.


Based on its excellent wire-control chassis technology, King Long has successfully built a "1+N" series of low-speed unmanned vehicle product ecosystems by integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms and 5G communication technology. This series includes autonomous driving logistics vehicles, sweeping vehicles, security vehicles, vending vehicles, and other low-speed unmanned vehicles, aiming to efficiently solve repetitive and inefficient labor in parks and enterprises. Especially the autonomous driving logistics vehicle, it specifically addresses the problem of high costs and low efficiency in the terminal delivery segment of the logistics chain, bringing value growth to traditional business processes. It has achieved autonomous driving in various complex traffic environments and can operate stably on open roads.


King Long's autonomous driving product series has achieved normalized operation in Beijing, Jiangsu, Shandong, Tianjin, Anhui, and other regions, maintaining a zero-accident safety record. This achievement is attributed to King Long's consistent emphasis on original innovation and basic research from "0 to 1," as well as the careful crafting of automotive-grade wire-control chassis and autonomous driving product matrices. These efforts have not only enhanced the company's competitiveness but also accelerated the application of autonomous driving technology in the industry.

The release of the national standard for wire-control chassis will accelerate the large-scale commercialization of autonomous driving vehicles and provide a strong guarantee for the healthy development of the industry. King Long will continue to leverage its profound experience in the automotive industry to contribute to the construction of standards systems for reliability, performance testing, safety, and lifespan assessment of autonomous driving wire-control chassis.

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