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200 King Long Jieguan coaches have been delivered to Wuhan

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200 King Long Jieguan coaches have been delivered to Wuhan

Mar 28 , 2024

200 King Long Jieguan coaches have been delivered to Wuhan, contributing to the construction of green urban transportation


Recently, King Long delivered 200 pure electric coaches to Wuhan, providing cost-effective and highly reliable travel solutions for corporate commuting rentals, tourist passenger transport, event and conference services, and other businesses. 

Pure Electric Coaches

The delivered King Long Jieguan-5 coaches not only have an outstanding appearance but also excel in terms of safety and performance. With a 3H full-load-bearing structure and King Long's independent air suspension system, high body strength, strong stability, and excellent passing ability. Additionally, they are equipped with various active safety applications such as 360-degree panoramic surveillance, forward collision avoidance, and lane departure warning, providing better support and protection for driving safety.

Power Battery Electric Bus

As a reliable helper in creating value for customers, the King Long Jieguan-5 feature lightweight design and are equipped with motors with high power density and strong overload capacity. The comprehensive energy consumption of the entire vehicle under various working conditions is approximately 0.5-0.6kwh/km. Moreover, they are equipped with the latest BC5 battery, which has a high energy density and a long service life, enabling them to create higher operational value for customers.

Electric Power Travelling Coach

Luxury Electric Coach

In terms of driving and riding experience, the King Long Jieguan-5 are designed with more intelligent features, including a touch-screen central control panel and a large-size full-liquid crystal instrument developed independently. These features not only meet operational needs but also bring users a new intelligent driving experience. The vehicle design fully considers the safety and comfort of passengers, with no sharp corners and an emergency door width of 1.3m. The excellent glass of view provides drivers with a brighter visual experience. The luggage compartment, reaching 6.7m³, is at an advanced level in the industry, providing ample storage space for passengers and meeting various travel needs.

Customized Electric Coach

Electric Travel Bus

With its excellent cost-effectiveness, the King Long Jieguan-5 have won the favor and recognition of customers, fully demonstrating King Long's prominent product advantages and strong technical strength in the field of new energy transportation. King Long will continue to promote green travel, help users achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement, jointly promote the green, healthy, and sustainable development of cities, and provide citizens with more environmentally friendly and comfortable travel options.


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