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The autonomous bus has brought a new travel experience to the citizens and tourists of Ordos

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The autonomous bus has brought a new travel experience to the citizens and tourists of Ordos

Mar 22 , 2024

In Ordos, Inner Mongolia, a reporter and several tourists boarded a bus printed with "5G+Smart Tourism+Autonomous Driving". After being prompted by the safety officer to tie their seatbelts, the vehicle started and smoothly navigated through Ordos, making it feel as if they were in a futuristic city.


Without a driver and a steering wheel, the autonomous bus equipped with automatic braking and acceleration, has been undergoing testing operations in Ordos for over half a year, providing a novel experience for both citizens and tourists.


During driving in urban areas with complex and changing traffic conditions, this "mini" bus relies on lidar and high-precision positioning systems to achieve functions such as decelerating and avoiding obstacles, changing lanes autonomously, recognizing traffic lights, and making precise stops.


The autonomous bus utilizes advanced technologies such as 5G signal coverage, vehicle-road coordination, and artificial intelligence. Combined with integrated management and control systems like cloud control, roadside perception equipment, and smart stations, it achieves intelligent vehicle monitoring, safety warnings, and coordinated operations with social vehicles in the same domain.


The vehicle operates automatically along the preset route, and so far, there have been no violations. Since July 2023, the autonomous bus has accommodated over 10,000 tourists and citizens.


In addition to the autonomous bus, other intelligent vehicles such as autonomous taxi test vehicles, unmanned vending vehicles, and autonomous sweeping vehicles have also appeared on the streets and scenic spots of Ordos, providing unique "smart experiences" to citizens and tourists.


In the future, Ordos will expand the application scenarios for intelligent network connected vehicles, aiming to create a demonstration zone for intelligent network connected vehicle applications throughout the city. This will enhance the quality of urban tourism, transportation, and services, continuously empowering the city's intelligent management.


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