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King Long Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck successfully completed the challenge of the extreme cold test

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King Long Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck successfully completed the challenge of the extreme cold test

Mar 18 , 2024

King Long Fuel Cell heavy-duty truck successfully completed the challenge of the extreme cold test

In 2024, the Fuel Cell research and development team of King Long successfully conducted high cold weather tests in Hulunbuir with our fuel cell heavy-duty truck products, successfully completing all testing projects related to the fuel cell system and the heavy-duty truck.
Heavy-Duty Fuel Cell Tractors

To verify the adaptability of the fuel cell heavy-duty truck to extreme cold environments, the King Long team arrived at the Hulunbeir Cold Weather Testing Center. This center has an average annual temperature of around 0°C, with the lowest temperature during the testing period reaching -39°C. Such a severely cold testing environment poses an ultimate challenge for the research and development team, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to verify the performance of our products.
fuel cell heavy-duty truck

To adapt to extreme cold conditions, the team adopted a key technology for comprehensive thermal management of the entire vehicle, enabling the recycling of waste heat from the fuel cell, thereby reducing the overall vehicle energy consumption by 8.4% in cold environments. They also developed the industry's first fuel cell domain controller, which achieved a high level of software and hardware integration and optimization for several control systems, reducing wire harness connection points by 80% and significantly lowering the risk of failure. Additionally, they developed advanced cold-weather intelligent control algorithms, enabling coordinated control between the vehicle and the fuel cell under cold conditions, effectively improving the durability, reliability, and adaptability of the fuel cell system.
King Long new energy heavy truck

At the same time, 118 test projects were formulated to challenge the fuel cell's lowest temperature limit and the overall performance of the entire vehicle. These tests successfully achieved rapid cold starts and stable operation of the fuel cell at a minimum temperature of -35°C, ensuring that the safety, power, and economy of the fuel cell heavy-duty truck still perform exceptionally well in extremely cold environments.

For extreme driving conditions such as rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, and serpentine maneuvers, the King Long team upgraded the vehicle's energy management strategy and designed tests such as power battery discharge and in-motion charging for the vehicle's thermal balance. Through more than a month of reliability testing, the comprehensive performance of the fuel cell heavy-duty truck in extremely cold environments was fully validated.
King Long new energy heavy trucknew energy heavy-duty truck

The successful completion of this extreme cold test marks a significant milestone in the verification of the performance of the entire range of new energy heavy-duty trucks, including pure electric and hydrogen fuel vehicles. King Long has taken a step forward in the commercial vehicle industry, promoting the development of new productive forces.

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