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RMB 37.8 Billion! King Long Brand Value Achieves New High

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RMB 37.8 Billion! King Long Brand Value Achieves New High

Jun 28 , 2022

The 15th Brand Conference and 15th China Top 500 Value Brands Conference were held in Beijing recently. World Brand Lab released the ranking of China Top 500 Value Brands and King Long was ranked the 116th place in this ranking with a brand value of RMB 37.815 billion. After breaking through the brand value of RMB 30 billion in 2017, King Long once again realized remarkable growth to manifest the prominent brand strength of King Long.

Ascending to the 116th place of this ranking as an independent brand of public transportation category proved the recognition and favor of the public on King Long brand and is originated from King Long people’s adherence on brand spirit and continuous innovation of brand value to make contributions for the promotion of public transportation life.

As one of the auto brand representatives listed in this ranking, since the founding in 1988, King Long undertook the mission of revitalizing the national auto industry, proactively responded to the national development appeals in different ages, rooted in the development road of China’s independent bus brands and the R&D direction of independent technologies, continuously led the technologic innovation of Chinese buses, and constantly poured energy and vigor into the industry. The 30-year development of King Long also created a brilliant history in the development of China’s bus industry.

In the past year, King Long forged an all-new image of Chinese bus brand and realized leapfrog development of brand value once again with a serious of influencing activities.

Under the background that China has become a major bus manufacturing country, in May, 2017, King Long grandly released the all-new generation Longwin II product to challenge the world’s high-end bus manufacturing powers on behalf of the China’s high-end bus manufacturers. Undertaking new mission, Longwin II innovatively built the modular and platform R&D mode and whole-process data management &RD method under the background of digital age to realize the high harmony of whole vehicle. In its launch year, Longwin II won the orders from EU markets and was recognized by the developed markets. At Beijing Road Transportation Exhibition this year, Longwin II won the first “China Super Five-Star Safety Bus” with the industry’s highest score of 98.02, which manifested to the world that the Chinese bus manufacturers are completely competent to lead the development of world’s bus industry and manufacture the world’s leading safety buses.

As the future of auto revolution, the autonomous driving has become the current industry hotspot. After exploring the intelligent networking vehicle for years, in 2017, King Long partnered with Baidu to develop with high efforts the autonomous driving in commercial vehicle field and jointly developed Apolong, the first commercial-level autonomous driving bus, and boosted its commercial operation. Since the completion in November, 2017, Apolong was put into operation in Xiong’an, exhibited in Spring Festival Gala, and opened for test ride in succession and attracted numerous concerns and attentions from the central and provincial/municipal governments, industry media, and society. Especially, Apolong was opened to the public for autonomous driving experience in the Digital China Summit to enable the public to feel in person the future driving experience, which impressed the public with the technologic innovation image of King Long. Apolong will be put into mass production in this July to truly realize commercial operation of autonomous driving, lay a new milestone in China’s auto industry, and boost the China’s auto industry for corner overtaking of intelligent networking.

The RMB 37.8 billion brand value is a new start point for King Long. In the future, King Long will drive the continuous progress of China’s bus industry with innovations, meet the future diversified needs with concentrated attention, and enable the China’s independent brand buses to stand in the world’s stage in a more confident and powerful gesture with high undertaking.

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