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King Long Promotes China-Arab States Cooperation with New Successes

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King Long Promotes China-Arab States Cooperation with New Successes

Jun 28 , 2022

In the hot summer, Beijing ushered in the historic China-Arab States gathering.

The 8th ministerial conference of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum was held in Beijing on July 10. This conference was themed by “Jointly building ‘One-Belt and One-Road’, jointly promote peaceful development, and jointly boost China-Arab Status strategic partnership in new age”.

Through the friendly negotiation, China and Arab States agreed upon the establishment of China-Arab States strategic partnership of comprehensive cooperation, joint development, and future-oriented. The China-Arab States relationship was comprehensively upgraded to unveil a new cooperation chapter.

For thousands of years, though the distance was really far, the China and the Arab States were connected by the Silk Roads since ancient times. In recent years, China made invitation to the Arab States for the joint construction of “One-Belt and One-Road” and the China-Arab States cooperation realized numerous achievements and highlights.

In the field of "Made-in-China” independent brand buses, the China’s bus manufacturers, represented by King Long, closely adapted to the transport needs of Arab States, established friendly and close cooperation with numerous countries and regions, realized mutual benefits and win-win, and became a China-Arab States cooperation model in China’s bus industry.

On July 13, the occasion of this China-Arab States gathering, 82 King Long buses were ready for shipping to UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain in Xiamen Port.

In many Arab countries and regions, King Long buses have become a shining transportation scene.

110 luxury large buses were shipped for Saudi Arabia on May 28th

In Saudi Arabia, the ownership volume of King Long buses exceeds 5,000 vehicles so far, far leading other bus brands. Covering the pilgrimage transportation, inter-city transportation, group transportation, school buses, and public buses, King Long buses are comprehensively serving the daily traveling of Saudi Arabian people. In the first half of 2018, more than 500 King Long buses, including luxury large buses and public buses, were shipped in succession to Saudi Arabia, becoming a new force in the Saudi Arabian transportation market.

“Chinese Red” double-deck buses were exported to Kuwait in eve of this Chinese Spring Festival

In Kuwait, “Chinese Red” double-deck buses poured vigor and energy into local public transportation. During this Chinese Spring Festival, 56 King Long double-deck buses painted in Chinese Red were departed jubilantly from Xiamen port to Kuwait. This is the first batch export of China’s double-deck buses to Kuwait. In the first half of this year, totally 120 King Long red double-deck public buses of exquisite quality and powerful transportation capacity were shipped to Kuwait to greatly support the improvement and construction of local public transportation system.


In UAE market, King Long exported large buses to UAE market for the first time in 2010, which is the first time that the Chinese brand buses were purchased by a transportation company under UAE Government. In recent years, King Long continuously participated in the joint construction of UAE public transportation and offered solutions to realize the first entry of Chinese buses into the UAE public bus field. This year, King Long won a batch order of school bus for the UAE’s largest school bus operation company for the first time, establishing a milestone for the entry of Chinese buses into UAE market.


In Egypt, King Long has become the first passenger transportation brand and more than 20,000 King Long mini vans have become local “main passenger transportation force” and “wealth-making tool”. In addition, King Long especially developed the CKD cooperation mode, becoming the earliest Chinese brand that launched CKD production in Egypt. This mode not only reduces the cost and effectively shortens the lead-time, but also creates more jobs for local people. This “Win-Win” mode forged a good reputation and achievement of King Long in Egyptian market. In the first half of 2018, more than 1,300 mini vans were exported to Egypt, accounting for approximately 50% share in the local mini van market segmentation.




Besides, King Long buses are also under operations in other Arab countries and regions in Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Algeria, and Tunisia. According to the statistics, King Long totally exported approximately 700 buses to Arab countries and regions in the first half of this year, creating new achievements for China-Arab States cooperation.

With busy traders back and forth on the ancient Silk Roads, China-Arab States once created a brilliant history of mutual understanding and friendship. In the new historic period, driven by the “One-Belt and One-Road” construction, King Long will continue for mutual support and win-win cooperation in the transportation cause of all countries to create new win-win cooperation brilliance.

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