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King Long Shines World Throughout 40-Year Reform and Open-up

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King Long Shines World Throughout 40-Year Reform and Open-up

Jun 28 , 2022

Throughout 40 years of reform and open-up, as a “Going-Abroad” pioneer of China’s bus industry, King Long, rooted in Xiamen and with a perspective of special economic zone, launched the globalization operation strategy in 2000 to explore overseas markets, which achieved rich performances and enabled the Made-in-China, represented by King Long, to show extraordinary brilliance in the world’s stage.

So far, King Long has exported buses to 136 countries and regions, with the export volume constantly ranked the first place in the industry. In recent years, against the sluggish world’s economic growth, King Long constantly maintained a 10,000-vehicle-level sales volume to lead the industry export ranking. Meanwhile, King Long’s “Craftsmanship” quality and service of keeping improving won the extensive appraisal in the world.

King Long constantly maintains industry’s first export volume

Standing in a street of Cairo, the Capital of Egypt, you can see 5 King Long mini vans driving through in every one minute. King Long is the first citizen brand in Egyptian market, with the mini vans market share superior to Toyota.

In La Paz, Bolivia, all vehicles in city public transportation system are King Long large buses, with the sales volume in excess of 10,000 vehicles. King Long’s mini vans market share is in excess of 80%.

“Going to school by King Long bus” has become the daily behavior of many Saudi Arabian students. The King Long’s market ownership volume is up to 7,000 vehicles. King Long buses are also the excellent “transporters” in the pilgrimage each year. In the yearly comprehensive assessment ranking of Mecca pilgrimage transportation service companies released by the Ministry of Pilgrimage of the Saudi Arabia each year, the transportation companies to which King Long provides products and after-services constantly seized the top 5 places of this ranking.

In Thailand, no matter Bangkok or Chiengmai and no matter Phuket Island or Pattaya, King Long touring buses can be seen in everywhere throughout the journey. With the local market ownership volume at nearly 3,000 vehicles, King Long's buses are the main force in the Thailand’s tourist transportation market. In addition, King Long makes the “Made-in-China” golden brand renowned in Thailand and becomes a bright scenery line.

As the earliest manufacturer for overseas exploration among China’s independent bus brands, King Long achieved great success in overseas market and seized a significant position in the China’s export history. Today, King Long demonstrated the extraordinary strength of China’s industry in the world's stage with powerful R&D and manufacturing strengths.

Especially, King Long proactively responded to the national “One-Belt and One-Road" initiative, played the culture of Silk Roads, concluded friendship, and jointly built win-win in recent years. With the export volume in excess of 50,000 vehicles in the countries covered by “One-Belt and One-Road” policy, King Long has become the China’s bus manufacturer of most complete “One-Belt and One-Road” market layout. “In the first quarter of 2018, King Long's bus export volume was increased by 48% on year-on-year basis and King Long realized an excellent starting performance since the beginning of this year. The target yearly growth is 25%.” Said Xie Weiguo.

Multiple favorable factors boost enterprises for “Going-abroad”

In the "Going-abroad” trend driven by the 40-year reform and open-up, King Long’s products are continuously popular in overseas markets and are favored by the users worldwide.

It takes a good blacksmith to make steel. To better adapt to the demands of overseas customers, King Long worked hard in terms of product development, parts procurement, and globalized manufacturing standards to guarantee the lean quality.

In response to the different demands of end customers and the special weathers, terrains, and driving habits in various regions, King Long worked hard to ensure the “exclusively customization” for every vehicle.

Due to high altitude, multiple steep slopes, and severe road conditions, Bolivia has really stringent requirements on the vehicle performance. King Long’s technical team took in-depth design and installed strong power system to improve the vehicle trafficability and stability.

In response to the moist and hot weathers in Thailand, the moisture-proof and corrosion-proof processes are taken for the body paint and fabrics, the luggage compartment doors and the back compartment doors are changed from outward-tilting type to lifting type to adapt to narrow road conditions. Especially, the Thai elements are added on the upholstery customization of touring buses to manifest the cultural characteristics of Thailand.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most severe markets in the world. The stringent laws and regulations, the high temperature severe vehicle operation environment, and the huge traffic pressure during pilgrimage extended the most stringent requirements on the vehicle quality. With high product quality and high-efficiency after-services, King Long buses safeguarded the pilgrimage and won the recognition of the customers and the favor of the passengers.

Customized vehicle upholstery for Thai customers

As the China’s first bus manufacturer qualifying the high-level EU certification, at present King Long has passed the international certifications in many countries and regions, including Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Australia, Russia, and U.S.

King Long to further forge brand core value

To stand firmly in the overseas market, a product needs to continuously deepen the brand loyalty, develop business mode according to the local commercial environment, and ensure the steady establishment of brand. Meanwhile, the local endowment advantages and industry preferential policies should be taken into sufficient consideration to realize localized manufacturing by technology output mode.

In recent years, with innovation-driven concept, King Long continuously drove the intelligent transformation, forged the electromotion, intelligent, networking, and sharing system technologies, and built with full efforts new generation technology bus products and intelligent passenger transportation system solutions. At present, King Long owns leading new energy technologies and complete product series and will expand the new energy product export in the next step.

It’s noteworthy that Apolong, the China’s first commercial-level autonomous driving bus developed by King Long and Baidu through cooperation, has realized mass production in this July and King Long took the lead to realize the commercial operation of Apolong in enclosed zones, including industrial parks, scenic spots, and airports. Following the mature relevant policies and conditions in more countries and regions, King Long will launch the export business of autonomous driving vehicles to speed up the exploration of the extensive overseas market.

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