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King Long Won Awards of China Road Transportation Cup

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King Long Won Awards of China Road Transportation Cup

Jun 28 , 2022

On May 29, 2019 Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components was held, during which the China Road Transportation Cup has released its awards. As the blockbusters of King Long, Smart Citylights XMQ6125AG and Longwin II Flagship Version XMQ6127AY have participated in the competition and won the awards of New Energy Bus Innovative Product Award and Road Bus Innovative Product Award respectively, showing the outstanding innovative strength of King Long once again.

King Long has always taken innovation into its blood and as the motive of development. In recent years, King Long has accelerated the development of scientific and technological innovation driving, promoted intelligent transformation and high quality development of the company, and created better public transportation. The awarded products are the latest achievements of the implementation of innovation-driven, intelligence and high-end strategies of King Long.

Smart Citylights to Lead Urban Public Transportation into 5G Era

At present, the urbanization process in China is accelerating, which causes following problems including traffic management, traffic congestion, etc. The urban operation of transportation in order and efficiency depends on the development of intelligent transportation by improvement through intelligent information including network technology, communication technology, artificial intelligence, etc. The rapid development of 5G has motivated a new round intelligent revolution of the automobile industry. In the exhibition, King Long has creatively brought about the Smart Citylights XMQ6125AG, which makes the concept of intelligent transportation become true, leading the urban transportation into 5G era and representing that the intelligent transportation has entered into a new generation.

King Long Smart Citylights features scientific and modern design with simplicity and flexibility, as the moving scenery in the daytime and flowing art of lights and shadows in the evening. Besides its gorgeous appearance, the Smart Citylights also has high intelligence. Enabled by 5G technology, the Smart Citylights has integrated network technology to realize dynamic V2X information interaction, which makes the urban transportation become safer and well-arranged, in order to improve the interconnection and sharing of urban services.

King Long Smart Citylights is configured with all new designed and produced intelligent chassis platform and intelligent domain control. As one of the key technologies of unmanned vehicles, the drive-by-wire technology helps the intelligent chassis to control braking, steering and power system. The application of intelligent domain control and unified management of intelligent network equipments are featuring accurate sensing and decision-making of the vehicle movement.

As the most common part in urban transportation, the status of traffic light can be judged by 5G V2X technology of Smart Citylights to ensure that the vehicle will be going through at the optimal speed. In addition, at intersections and steering dead zones, the vehicle will make a judgement to the pedestrians and obstacles in advance by sensors including vehicle-to-vehicle communication, intelligent vision and radar. The vehicle will also give a warning signal and the power output will be automatically limited in case there is any emergency occurring, meanwhile it will send a notice of danger to following vehicles. Configured with 3D panoramic viewing system and auxiliary system of dead zone detection and lane changing, it will realize driving track anticipation and dynamic guidance, real-time detection on obstacles of dead zone and fast approaching vehicles, as well as steering warning and notice of danger due to lane changing, which is as a pair of Sky Eyes for the driver to monitor for safe driving.

The humanized innovative design can also reflects the intelligent technology of Smart Citylights. During entering the station, it will realize optimal speed for accurate and reliable stop through intelligent roadside equipment information and wiring controlled steering; Originated double automatic sliding pulling doors will be convenient for passengers to get on and off and it also features anti-pinch technology with warning before open and close of the doors; The interior space is designed as domestic decoration with hidden soft ambient lights, and introducing intelligent air management for the first time to create the best comfort for the passengers.

As a 5G intelligent mobile terminal, Smart Citylights features efficient operation and management. It is configured with King Long developed Eco-Chip 3.0 New Energy Management System, building a 6D value system of intelligent evolution by independent core technology, including safety, reliability, energy conservation, power performance and comfort. It is worth mentioning that the Eco-Chip 3.0 can be downloaded through OTA for easy and convenient update.

Longwin II to Show the New Height of Chinese High-end Buses

Longwin II is a main achievement of supply side structural reform, high quality development and enhancing Chinese high-end bus manufacturing. Compared with international first-class brands, by applying development mode of digital and modular platforms, Longwin II has achieved harmonious design which can challenge to the top ranking technologies of global bus manufacturing industry. In last May, with the top score of 98.02 in the industry, Longwin II has passed the test of China Safety Coach Assessment Programme (C-SCAP) and awarded as China Super Five-Star Safety Bus. In last December, the vehicle has passed at just one time the most strict National 6 Emission Certification test and awarded as the first bus model approved by National 6 Stage Whole Vehicle Approval test.

Longwin II Flagship version features the integration of industrial design and detailed texture by the craftsmanship spirit. The appearance is applying unique King Long uniform front face and irregular star diamond high performance LED lights, the rear wall remains the familial style including black plaque with rear LED lights. It follows the designing idea of impressive and dignified sculpture of light and shadow.

Longwin II Flagship is not only the new model of safety and energy conservation in Chinese high-end bus, but also a super five-star muting bus with international standard of vibration and muting index. Longwin II Flagship version has made breakthrough in vehicle structure design and NVH technology, featuring idling vibration index of only 0.09, front row idling noise of 46.5db, rear row idling noise of only 52.5db, muting performance beyond the top ranking brand of Germany. Meanwhile, the illumination and color are also finely designed, including diffusing courtesy lights, soft floor lights, 6-color adjustable mood lights and the color of suede fabric luggage holder, to create a peaceful journey for our passengers.

Longwin II Flagship version is also the first domestic road bus with full-screen windshield in China, featuring another highlight of 110mm radian and difficulty for wide open vision without any blocking.

Equipped with the latest VC (Variable Costs) life value management system, Longwin II Flagship version is emphasizing on comprehensive control of operating cost, maintenance cost and intelligent operation management, helping our customer to save more than 150 thousand operation cost within the life cycle of 600 thousand km in 6 years, which also makes the Longwin II Flagship version as the high-end flagship redefining outstanding value standard.

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