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Green Hydrogen, Green Travel--XMQ6850G Hydrogen Fuel Bus

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Green Hydrogen, Green Travel--XMQ6850G Hydrogen Fuel Bus

Jun 28 , 2022

Green Hydrogen, Green Travel

As we all know, hydrogen is the cleanest energy in the world. The reaction product of hydrogen is water. It is considered as the most ideal driving energy for new energy buses. Responding to the new hydrogen era, KING LONG has launched a brand-new hydrogen fuel bus,XMQ6850G, which is designed based on 20-year R&D experience in new energy bus and 6-year R&D experience in hydrogen fuel bus.
XMQ6850G features safe vehicle structure, safety protection of hydrogen supply system, and 24-hour real-time monitoring of hydrogen energy safety, ensuring the safety in use of hydrogen energy. Based on hybrid drive mode (fuel cell system power battery system), the diving mileage can reach 580 km under the condition of constant speed, which can fully meet the actual operational requirements of urban public transportation.

Exquisite Technology, Excellent Appearance

XMQ6850G hydrogen fuel bus perfectly integrates aesthetics and practicality by virtue of gracious and beautiful styling design, square-keynote appearance and small round lights. Moreover, the application of 3H full-loading structure and Q700 high-strength steel significantly improves the reliability of the vehicle frame.

Split type small round lights for front wall - simple and aesthetic

Lights on rear wall echoing with those on front wall - lively and flexible

High coverage exterior side mirror - safe driving without blind area

Front and middle doors - convenient and efficient

Thoughtful Layout, Comfortable Driving

The driver zone of XMQ6850G hydrogen fuel bus is designed based on ergonomics. The precise dashboard is arranged reasonably, greatly improving the driving performance. A hydrogen-battery switch button is provided in the driver zone to enable the driver to fully control the driving safety. The reasonable layout of bus space and fuel cell system brings a spacious environment for passengers. The application of new environmental protection materials in the bus provides passengers with green travel.

Reasonable layout of dashboard - convenient driving

Adjustable damped driver seat - alleviating driver fatigue

Passenger seats designed based on human posture - comfortable riding

Heightening rear performed roof - spacious space

Multiple Guarantees, Safe and Worry-free

XMQ6850G hydrogen fuel bus uses high-quality carbon fiber aluminum lined hydrogen cylinder that has passed the hydrostatic test, burst test, fire test, drop test, shooting test and other special tests.
XMQ6850G is equipped with an ECO-Chip 3.0 new energy management system which can realize the highest level of vehicle safety control function in the industry based on powerful computing capacity of dual-core 32-bit vehicle control unit and redundant safety design. High-sensitivity hydrogen leakage sensors are provided for all hydrogen cylinder, fuel cell engine, hydrogen refueling port and passenger compartments. If abnormal conditions are found, the stack and hydrogen system will be shut down in time to ensure bus safety. With hydrogen-battery energy distribution control technology, the hydrogen fuel mode can be switched to lithium power battery mode in case of sudden lightning and other extreme weather during driving, so as to ensure safe and efficient operation of the bus.

High-quality carbon fiber aluminum lined hydrogen cylinder - ensuring safety

Hydrogen refueling panel provided with antistatic device - safe hydrogen refueling

Hydrogen-battery switch, EPB and AUTO HOLD arranged in a centralized way - convenient driving and control

Static dissipative strip provided for rear compartment - safe and carefree

Real-time Monitoring, Overall Control

XMQ6850G hydrogen fuel bus is equipped with King Wings Internet of Vehicles. It is a special monitoring platform for hydrogen fuel cell buses, used to dynamically monitor the running status, usage and attenuation of the hydrogen fuel cell system in real time. It can also detect the hydrogen concentration of the hydrogen supply system for 24 hours a day. If there is any abnormal situation, it can automatically notify the Customer Dispatching Center through King Wings system. In the hydrogen refueling process, the vehicle automatically shuts down the high voltage system to ensure safety. The effective service life of fuel cell system is prolonged according to the life optimization scheme for full life cycle fuel cell system.

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