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King Long Carried out an Experience Activity of Intelligent Connected City Bus

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King Long Carried out an Experience Activity of Intelligent Connected City Bus

Jun 28 , 2022

Can you image the intelligent transportation in 5G Era? On May 17, 5G Intelligent Transportation Open Day themed with “Beautiful Xiamen with 5G Transportation” was held successfully to celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD). On the day, stations on the first City bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line fully covered by 5G network were released to the public. Invited guests, media representatives and many citizens participated in this activity, experiencing the convenience brought by 5G technology to life and transportation.

During the activity, by taking the King Long intelligent connected BRT, everyone was impressed by the intelligence, safety and convenience further improved by the 5G technology in public transportation. At about 10:00 a.m., invited guests, media representatives and citizens took the King Long intelligent connected BRT. The city bus started from Huaqiao University Station, via Chengyi University College Station, University Town Station, Station of Amoy Institute of Technovation and Station of IUE CAS, and finally returned to Huaqiao University Station. In this activity, everyone was pleasantly surprised by functions (such as beyond visual range collision prevention, real-time cooperative vehicle infrastructure, intelligent speed adaptation and safe stopping) of 5G-oriented city bus.

"I've heard about 5G city bus from social media for a long time, but I didn't expect to get close to it today. I feel excited!", said by a sophomore from Huaqiao University who was greatly impressed by the "black technology", "The city bus can stop at the assigned spot without the driver's extra operations. It also can respond correctly in case of sudden pedestrians and vehicles ... Anyway, 5G city bus has completely overturned my cognition of the traditional BRT. As 5G technology develops, It could be assumed that unmanned technology will soon be applied to BRT."

"I sat in the front row, and I became ever more nervous as the city bus approached the obstacle vehicles. I worried that BRT would bump into the obstacle since there haven’t any operation of the driver. However, all my worries were gone after BRT stopped stably within a safe distance. 5G connected city bus is reliable indeed!", a local citizen Mr. Li praised the safety of the intelligent BRT. Through this experience, everyone agrees that 5G intelligent connected BRT will effectively improve the safety, efficiency and comfort level of public transportation, and will also promote the green, environment-friendly and energy-saving upgrading for public transportation operation.

Next, more and more intelligent BRT will soon hit the road. Weng Minghong, the Deputy Commissioner of Xiamen Transportation Management Office, told the reporter: "Next, various operators in Xiamen will work together to achieve full coverage of 5G network signals. The full coverage is expected to be achieved along the BRT line this year. The number of 5G city buses will exceed 50. With the popularization of 5G signals and the maturity of 5G technology, the transportation department will also take the lead in promoting the application of intelligent transportation to make full use of 5G technology in intelligent transportation."

Currently, 5G offers the highest data transmission rate. As we are entering in the 5G era, the information interaction of vehicle - vehicle, vehicle - road, and vehicle - people will become more and more accurate and rapid. Furthermore, the linkage between different intelligent transportation application components will also become more interacted, which can improve the intelligence level of transportation system. King Long intelligent connected BRT running in Xiamen is the phased achievement King Long obtained in 5G technology application. King Long has been ready for 5G era. King Long will unveil the true 5G intelligent connected city bus at 2019 China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Component (Bus & Truck 2019) to be held on the end of May, thereby transforming the concept of intelligent public transportation to a reality.

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