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45.378 Billion Yuan! King Long Has Achieved Significant Value Growth

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45.378 Billion Yuan! King Long Has Achieved Significant Value Growth

Jun 28 , 2022

On June 26, the 16th World Brand Summit was convened in Beijing, on which the World Brand Lab had released the list of China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands, in which King Long brand had ranked as the 115th with its value of 45.378 billion yuan as the top of auto industry, demonstrating its outstanding strength once again.

With 31 years of development, King Long now has become a representative of Chinese national passenger bus brand. In recent years, guided by the principle of Quality Improvement and Brand Making of Manufacturing Power, King Long has been actively devoted to promote the development of high quality brand. On the one hand, we keep implementing innovation-driven strategy, innovating the brand connotation and leading the transformation and upgrading of manufacture for Chinese passenger bus by multiple technological concepts including ingenious high-end manufacturing, advanced new energy core technology and intelligent network technology. On the other hand, with the opportunity of the Belt and Road initiative, we will continue to develop King Long brand and explore overseas market, leading improvement and achieving great development of Chinese passenger bus brand.

Transformation is driven by technological innovation, brand value is expected in the future

The level of science and technology has great effect to the rising and declining of the nation, and the innovation ability is relevant with the destiny of the country. In the new round scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the scientific and technological innovation has become one of the most critical parts in industrial upgrading and curve surpassing of passenger bus manufacturing industry. Over the past 31 years, King Long has always taken innovation as the foundation of brand sustainable development, and in recent years, with scientific and technological innovation as the core concept, we have been devoted to make constant efforts on intelligent and high-end manufacturing to lead the Chinese passenger bus industry to be transformed to Intelligent Manufacturing.

In the background of industry 4.0 era with deep integration and development of internet, big data, artificial intelligence and entity economy, King Long has started a new age of intelligent buses, implemented the transformation of digital intelligent manufacturing and developed intelligent terminal products to bring the public transportation to a new generation. With artificial intelligence, King Long has emphasized on the development of automatic driving, cooperated with internet giant Baidu to develop King Long Apolong, the first L4 unmanned bus for mass production in the world, starting its commercial operation of automatic driving for the first time.

King Long Apolong Leading Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing

Smart CityLights, Technology Lights up Public Transportation

Under the prosperous development of 5G, King Long has taken full advantage of 5G technology to innovate and promote King Long Intelligent City Light XMQ6125AG, which has made the concept of intelligent transportation become true, leading urban public transportation into the era of 5G and setting a model for Intelligent Manufacturing of buses in China.

Longwin II Represents High-end Manufacturing of Buses in China

The products of high-end manufacturing reflect the manufacturing power of a country. With the dream of manufacturing power in the heart, King Long dares to challenge the top advanced technology of global high-end manufacturing, that Longwin II, as the high-end product, has passed the strict industrial tests of safety and energy conservation, certified as C-SCAP China Super Five-Star Safety Bus, then by passing rigorous National 6B Stage Vehicle Type Approval Test, the Longwin II has been proved to be capable for leading Chinese high-end products and interpreted the new height of high-end manufacturing of Chinese passenger buses.

Deepen joint development of the Belt and Road, brand image is shining on global stage

In the era of economic globalization, the brand value is also related with brand globalization. As a Chinese independent brand that takes the lead in developing overseas market for 19 years, King Long buses have been applied to more than 130 countries in the world with export of around 100 thousand units, providing valuable experience for national industry and global brand competition, which also makes King Long as the Chinese bus brand with largest export and extensive applications.

With the opportunity of the Belt and Road initiative, and years of marketing development, King Long has deepened the cooperation with along countries and regions with substantial achievements. With the export of around 60 thousand units, King Long has become the only one Chinese bus company with reliable arrangement in the market of the Belt and Road. No matter in Russia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, Bolivia and Costa Rica, King Long buses have traveled for thousands of miles or across the ocean to provide public transportation solutions for every single city. From buses, tourist buses to school buses, King Long has integrated into global public transportation with its high quality products and services.

King Long Bus Demonstrated the Image of Made-in-China in 2018 APEC in Papua New Guinea

King Long Bus Served for 2018 World Cup in Russia

In the process of going to the world, King Long keeps endowing the high-end and technological connotation to enhance the gold content and influence of Chinese bus brand in global market. While the update of Longwin II is in progress, King Long has started the research and development for overseas version of Longwin II on the basis of new generation Longwin Platform in the meantime and obtained orders from EU market to show the strength of Chinese high-end bus manufacturing industry. It is also a proof of the capability to provide international top ranking passenger transportation solutions by supplying new energy products including pure electric buses to EU market with strict technical requirements.

The constant improvement of brand reputation has made King Long buses to show extraordinary talents on the global stage. After the service for 2017 BRICS in Xiamen, 150 units of King Long buses have been applied as the transportation service for 2018 World Cup in Russia. In November of the same year, as the aid materials, 85 units of King Long buses have completed their tasks in success and showed a good image of Made-in-China for the APEC held in Papua New Guinea.

With further development of economic globalization, the world has entered into the era of brand economy. King Long will keep taking the lead, seizing the opportunity of scientific and technological revolution, supporting the development of national brand with independent technological innovation, constantly improving the competitiveness of Chinese brands in global market, and creating a new image of Chinese independent bus brands.

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