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King Long Ten Years in Europe: Manage the Future

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King Long Ten Years in Europe: Manage the Future

Jun 28 , 2022
Europe seems to be the most uncontrollable market for China bus enterprises. Some people even say it's like "wading across the stream by feeling the way". However, it turns out that King Long succeeds in entering European market. Ten years witnesses the growth of King Long on its way to European market, as a new emerging force with enhanced brand influence.

King Long

European media said: "China bus manufacturers represented by King Long are becoming more professional, with improved products and service." Indeed, King Long's mastering the rules of European market creates more opportunity for game and equal conversations with European bus manufacturers.

Undeniably, King Long still has its own problems, such as lacking of trendsetting core ability; unable to take advantage of local resources; unfamiliar with the conversion from product upgrade to brand, etc.

King Long

With deep thought, King Long put forward the strategic idea of "Technology King Long", which means more technologies and brand values on the bus.

Deputy General Manager of King Long Xu, Xiangdong explained "Technology King Long" was the sum-up of the company adaptable to the industry alteration and technology upgrade, which could be seen from that King Long exported XMQ6900J and XMQ6127J to Malta. 9m low-entrance and technology innovation such as Telematics, battery management system and breakdown self-diagnosis system revealed King Long's design ability.

King Long

CSO of King Long Overseas Department Xie, Weiguo also said the company would require adjustment in global market. King Long would cooperate with SAP and IBM to build the integrated ERP platform; King Long would become system supplier from the role of mere product supplier; King Long would train the sales persons to improve their skills; King Long would export its value and management idea intentionally; King Long would ponder over the establishment of international company of inclusiveness, innovation, harmony and good execution.

In the industry insider's view, international process, hard as it is, is the evitable way. In ten more years, China bus industry might be different. King Long must grasp the opportunity.

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