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King Long Ten Years in Europe - A Solid Way of Export

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King Long Ten Years in Europe - A Solid Way of Export

Jun 28 , 2022
2012, the 10th year of King Long entering European market, witnesses the company's third-time attendance in IAA. From 82 city buses exported to Malta in 2003 to plunging into Western European developed countries, King Long has established the considerably-sized sale & service network, leading domestic bus manufacturers.

CSO of King Long Xie, Weiguo

In Malta, King Long offered 70% of the cities buses by cooperating with ARRIVA - one of European largest transport companies; in Italy, King Long exported nearly 200 tourist buses last year, ranking No.2; in UK, over 100 King Long buses served London Olympic Games and 10 XMQ6127 buses were appointed as franchised service vehicles of SAMSUNG.

On the opening day of IAA on September 20th, the reporter interviewed CSO of King Long Overseas Department about the ten years in European.

European technology laws and regulations are different from those in China and the standards on safety and emission are higher. In order to overcome these obstacles, Xie, Weiguo said King Long established a professional team with special R&D and manufacturing system for overseas requirements. From zero to nine WVTA certified models and to-be-certified five models by late 2012, King Long buses covered tourism, city buses and school buses, etc.

King Long has over 2500 buses in European market currently and sold nearly 800 buses in 2011. Sales growth requires the support of service. Xie, Weiguo said King Long was looking for the proper place to build European parts central warehouse, which would provide spare parts to anywhere Europe within 24 hours. Besides, high-level technicians would be sent to resident in Europe for training and regular touring service, etc.

In the past few years, sales volume of King Long in Europe has accounted 30% of the total overseas business. King Long is negotiating with some large transport operators for the expansion of market share and brand influence.

King Long told the media that the company planned to cooperate with European bus manufacturers on technology and finance, even carry out local design and production by merger.

Xie, Weiguo said European economic crisis crippled some SMEs with excellent manufacturing and workmanship. It was a good opportunity for King Long to purchase these enterprises in low cost. Of course, labors and legal issues should be considered as well.

After 10 years' accumulation, King Long becomes familiar with European regulations and market rules. With the mature technical and sales team, King Long will make greater achievements in European market.

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