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King Long Ten Years in Europe – A New World for China Buses

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King Long Ten Years in Europe – A New World for China Buses

Jun 28 , 2022
On the way to overseas market, China bus manufacturers regard the dream-like European market as a champion podium in Olympic Games, only on which can they catch the attention of the world.

King Long

In 2003, King Long, China’s leading bus manufacturer, was merely a newcomer for European market. However, the company becomes the new star of European bus market with 10-year endeavor.

In London Olympic Games, 100 King Long buses served OCOG officials, athletes and audiences from all over the world; in Serie A, King Long XMQ6130Y buses are used to transport AS Roma players; in Malta, 70% of the city buses are from King Long.

King Long

It takes ten years for King Long to make great achievements in European market and open the gate for China buses to high-end market.

A series of data reveals the development of King Long in European market. In 2003, King Long obtained the order of 82 city buses from Malta; in 2007, King Long spread its buses all over Europe; in 2011, King Long cooperated with ARRIVA Company and there are 2500 King Long buses in European market currently.

King Long

Nowadays, King Long owns nine WVTA certified models from 8 meters to 13 meters, covering city buses, tourist buses and group buses, etc. Over 2500 King Long buses have been exported to 21 European markets and King Long is perfecting its service network and financial service.

"Ten years in European market makes us better with autocriticism and change” CTO of King Long Zhou, Fangming said. King Long is cautious about every step and tries to exceed customers’ expectations.

King Long

King Long buses get improved in safety, reliability, power and environmental protection. WVTA is helpful for the safety enhancement of King Long buses. In 2011, the company established the high-end assemble line for European market.

Besides, King Long would invite senior engineers from UK, Italy, France and Malta, etc. for guidance each year to improve the product quality, for example, UK engineers may focus on the emergency exit and alarming system; French engineers would care about the handling of the buses.

King Long

While cultivating business in European market, King Long is striving for African, South American, Asian and Australian markets as well. Data shows King Long has exported buses to 86 countries and regions and developed dealership and service facilities in over 50 countries and regions, becoming China’s No.1 bus manufacturer in export.

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