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King Long Donates "Intelligent School Buses"

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King Long Donates "Intelligent School Buses"

Jun 28 , 2022
On September 27th, large-scale public welfare performance "School Buses with Hopes" jointly recorded by National School Children Traffic Safety Education Office, China Social Welfare Foundation and CCTV was broadcast on CCTV2, focusing on the difficulties the children in remote rural and mountain areas in Guizhou and Qinghai, etc. suffer from on their way to schools.

King Long

As one of the participants, King Long donated three school buses worth CNY 800,000 to Guizhou Tongzhou Town Education Bureau, revealing its sense of responsibility as the social citizen.

Data from National School Children Traffic Safety Education Office shows that there are only 29,000 qualified school buses in motion for 233 million students nationwide, lacking over 1 million units. Besides, nearly 20 thousand school children run into traffic accident each year.

King Long

As the famous school bus manufacturer, King Long launched 6m-10m intelligent school buses in 2012, with the most advanced self-developed technologies, such as high-duty body frame, LDWS and auto extinguishers, etc.

What's more, King Long deepens its R&D in driving behavior and bus operation, by launching "Intelligent School Bus Operation Management System" to supervise the driver, bus and road condition.

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