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King Long 10 Years in Europe: Ploughing & Cultivating

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King Long 10 Years in Europe: Ploughing & Cultivating

Jun 28 , 2022
Among many Chinese bus builders entering European markets,King Long Bus is the earliest one as well as the leading one there. It is the tenth year from 2000 to 2012 that King Long Bus has been working in this land. At present, King Long Bus is a new force in European bus markets.

King Long bus

CSO of King Long Overseas Department Xie, Weiguo said: " It is not easily to stand firmly on the European market stage and set up its brands here through holding a litter more publicity activities & increasing advertising investment. It is a step by step procedure with hard working and sweating. " It is just like making a seed become a plant by deep ploughing & good cultivating.

In this ten years, through closely participating in the European market competition and follow the international leading high-end European markets, King Long focuses on manufacturing its good quality products with perfect technology as well as building product system and service system and so on to meet the demands of the European markets. The ten years' long way is quite hard but also have a lot harvest.

King Long Bus

Take the EU authentication as an example. "It is a project that needs the perseverance on it. At first, due to lack of experience on doing authentication by ourselves, there were always faults here and there that being referred by others. At that time, we failed and felt frustration over and over again. However, with time passing and through several years of exploration, we have formed a comparison experiment method and it has been promoted in the whole industry. For noise controlling, braking performance grasping as well as height of center of gravity determining, we now have more experience on them. From our own leading realize European Union authentication, our company's technical level have improved obviously. Not only in our experiment ability but also in our products' design level are now in a new stage." The King Long Bus' technical personnel said.

In the King Long Bus' products developing, years' endeavor perfects King Long product line in Europe. Nowadays the company has nine WVTA models and six Russian GOST models, covering city buses, tourist buses and group buses from 8 meters to 13 meters. Five more will pass WVTA in late 2012.

In addition to enrich product chain, King Long Bus also put efforts on the product differentiation as well as avoiding the positive competition with the mainstream bus & coach models of European coach manufacturers. It is well known that the 12 meter-long bus models have always been the Europe advantage bus products. On this segment, King Long just manufactured the basic models to cover the basic need. But for the segment of the extended 8m-9m long bus models, it strove to realize new breakthrough in European. Now, the 9 meters long medium buses that specially designed for European markets are now very popular.

On September 20th-27th, IAA 2012, world's most influential CV exhibition, the company brought five models in accordance with EU regulations, including three new ones developed exclusively for European market, in order to meet the requirements of segment markets and offer better products to European customers. 8m three-door & low-floor XMQ6800AGD, equipped with 225-horsepower Cummins ISBE6.7EV225B Euro V engine and ZF ECOLIFE6AP1200B auto transmission, is co-developed by King Long and its Italian partner. Its succinct and modern appearance meets European aesthetic standard, and monocoque design strengthens the bus body and lower the weight.

After service is also an important part that King Long believes it is a outstanding advantage for China bus builders. Service is not only to satisfy the customers current needs but also have to do more and consider more to bring surprise to the Customer. In 2006, King Long has set up the overseas after service department as well as dividing into Western Europe service area and eastern Europe service area. And now the networking is gradually perfecting and realizing the service localization.

Insisting, though it is hard but it is worthy. With the reliable products and customers' satisfaction solutions as well as the improving after-sales service system, the brand of King Long has now being formed then well-known.

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