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King Long KT610 Wins 2023 Leading Technology Vehicle Award

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King Long KT610 Wins 2023 Leading Technology Vehicle Award

Aug 07 , 2023

July 14-15 this year, the sixth "China Logistics Technology and Equipment Development Conference" was held in Chongqing under the theme "Digital Empowerment to Build an Intelligent and Green Logistics Ecosystem". Focusing on the innovative research and development and application of intelligent manufacturing, hydrogen energy and other technologies, the conference aimed to guide the technology and logistics industry to better realize the scientific integration and application, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry.

King Long commercial vehicle, a rising star in the logistics industry, participated in the exhibition with King Long KT610 6×4 fuel cell tractor, demonstrating the application of hydrogen technology in manufacturing and logistics.
King Long commercial vehicle has the advantageous resources of the whole value-chain, such as leading R&D experience, exquisite manufacturing technology, complete supply system and outstanding marketing service. The products cover three major truck product lines: light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, and heavy-duty trucks, which fully cater to the new energy application needs of various scenarios such as power plants, ports, steel mills, mining areas, urban sludge, and cement mixing, and are committed to providing solutions for intelligent, carbon-free application transportation in all scenarios.

The selection activity of "2023 New Cutting-Edge Products of China's Logistics Transportation Vehicles" was also held simultaneously at the exhibition, and the King Long KT610 49-ton hydrogen fuel cell tractor was awarded the "2023 Leading Technology Vehicle of Hydrogen Energy Commercial Vehicles". After more than 30 years of development and accumulation, King Long KT610 is far ahead in the three major aspects: comfortable ride, economical operation and intelligent control.
KT610 6X4 Fuel Cell Semi Tractor

Comfortable Ride
The cab of KT610 adopts a four-point suspension, which is spacious and equipped with a luxurious full LCD dashboard and full airbag shock-absorbing driver's seat, allowing drivers to enjoy a sedan-like ride on the road.

Economical Operation
KT610 is equipped with an 8 X 210L hydrogen supply system that takes only 10 to 15 minutes to refuel. It has a full-load range of more than 300 km, relieving drivers of mileage worries; it adopts a high-power, high-capacity hydrogen fuel cell system that can automatically adjust its operating power according to the current vehicle load, gradient, acceleration performance and other factors, saving more operating costs.

Intelligent Control
With King Long ECO-Chip 3.0 vehicle control system, KT610 is capable of optimizing battery life cycle control; energy utilization efficiency is greatly improved with vehicle-integrated thermal management control technology, which comprehensively regulates thermal management of power battery, motor and high-voltage regulator; real-time dynamic calibration technology of power consumption of vehicle electrical accessories achieves more accurate power distribution; all these intelligent controls create a comfortable, safe and convenient driving experience for drivers.

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