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A SOLID PARTNER, AN ALL-ROUND VEHICLE Pure Electric Logistics Van King Long Longyao 8S is now official!

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A SOLID PARTNER, AN ALL-ROUND VEHICLE Pure Electric Logistics Van King Long Longyao 8S is now official!

Aug 04 , 2023


Pure Electric Logistics Van King Long Longyao 8S is now official!


King Long Longyao 8S is a new product targeting the large van segment. Amidst the industry's frenetic R&D of fast-food-type products, the King Long Van Bus adheres to the user-oriented R&D concept, focusing on customer concerns such as practical application, durability and reliability, and battery warranty. It meets the all scenarios and diverse needs of the city distribution logistics industry and demonstrates the responsibility of the King Long Van Bus as a state-owned enterprise to promote the sound and green development of the city distribution industry.


As an all-electric logistics van that emphasizes safety and durability, King Long Longyao 8S can fully serve all kinds of scenarios, such as leasing and selling corporate assets, self-use by large logistics companies, daily use by small companies, and logistics and distribution business by individual drivers, and is determined to become a "solid partner" for owners to develop their business with its new feature of "all-round vehicle".


High Value Retention

Safe, reliable and durable

With a cargo volume of up to 8m³ and a rated load capacity of 1510kg, King Long Longyao 8S adopts a high-strength cage-type monocoque frame structure, which can guarantee that the frame will not be deformed under long-term heavy use, and in terms of collision safety, with excellent safety, durability and load capacity, it is much better than the frame-skinned structure. And equipped with CATL battery and other well-known brand accessories, its main feature is a high value retention rate, making it the best choice for assets operation.


Solving User Experience Pain Points

Double-opening tailgates

The double-opening tailgates can be opened up to 180°, combining the advantages of segmented opening and side opening. In the loading and unloading scenario, the vehicle is closer to the loading platform, which is convenient for warehouse forklifts to load and unload goods and move goods in and out, which can greatly reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading goods, and reduce operating costs. Its main feature is an all-rounder, which is the best choice for a variety of logistics and distribution needs!

Exclusive Extended Warranty

Equipped with CATL's Third-generation battery

King Long Longyao 8S is equipped with CATL's third-generation lithium iron phosphate battery, which has comprehensively improved energy density and charging rate, and the vehicle's CLTC operating condition can last up to 256 kilometers. CATL's third-generation lithium iron phosphate battery has a long warranty of 8 years / 400,000 km, fulfilling the safety requirements of both GB and ISO standards, and is of high safety and reliability. The battery has comprehensively improved temperature adaptability and mechanical protection, equipped with an electric heating system that can adapt to the temperature range of -30~40℃; the battery box is upgraded to a stamped box with IP68 protection, and comes with "chassis armor" that can withstand up to 15mm of gravel. With a 1C charge rate, it can charge from 20% to 80% in 36 minutes.

Greater Assurance of Safe Driving

Upgraded 4-in-1 controller

The controller of King Long Longyao 8S is iteratively upgraded from 3-in-1 to 4-in-1, and the highly integrated 4-in-1 controller design improves the cost efficiency and reliability of the vehicle. Meanwhile, it is equipped with an ABS+EBD electronic auxiliary braking system, which ensures stable vehicle control during emergency braking and prevents the vehicle from skidding as much as possible, to ensure the safety of vehicle driving.


Holding the green development strategy, King Long has continuously introduced new energy logistics and distribution products in recent years, striving to meet the needs of the overall scenarios and full adaptability of urban distribution logistics, and actively assuming social responsibility to improve the productivity of the logistics industry, promote the green transformation of the industry, and contribute to the realization of the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

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