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King Long Empowering Humanized Services with Technology

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King Long Empowering Humanized Services with Technology

Aug 17 , 2023

In the context of the development of the digital economy, King Long is committed to deepening digital transformation, focusing on promoting the overall leap in service capability with technology, strengthening independent technology innovation, and providing customers with more diversified, specialized and customized high-quality products and humanized services with high technology.


Continuous Technology Innovation to Enhance Services

Through the profound application of 5G technology in the transportation industry, King Long combines 5G communication network intelligent cloud video and big data smart cloud control platform service to realize real-time interconnection between cloud platform and mobile vehicles, which allows the remote monitoring and control of the buses and the centralized management of the operation; it also provides personalized and intelligent integrated services according to customers' different service requirements and application scenarios, such as shuttle, security, logistics services, etc.


With the vision of becoming a provider of intelligent transportation system solution, King Long has made continuous efforts in the field of intelligent transportation and launched intelligent transportation solutions to provide customers with comprehensive travel services with the four main modules, including intelligent buses, intelligent platforms, intelligent operation and intelligent travel. In addition to launching a full range of products to cover the needs of intelligent transportation, King Long has also leveraged the industry's leading digitalization and intelligent application technology to build the King Long Cloud Digital Factory, realizing a new industrial cooperation model of efficient manufacturing and delivery, and meeting the customized manufacturing needs of customers at home and abroad.


King Long is not just taking digital transformation as a buzzword, but transforming digital technology into a way of customer service, bringing digitalized and intelligent smart transportation to everyone, and building a better travel community through technology.


All-round Service Improvement to Protect Rights and Interests

Taking customers' needs as the cornerstone, King Long has carried out brand upgrading, created the King Long "Longyue" service brand, and made a great leap forward in customer service. During the 31st World University Games in Chengdu (hereinafter referred to as 2023 FISU WUG), about 200 vehicles produced by King Long participated in the service work. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the 2023 FISU WUG, King Long established a service support team whose entire staff responded to the service needs for the smooth operation of all vehicles on a 24/7 basis, and carried out several comprehensive inspections and maintenance of the vehicles, thus providing the event with efficient, transparent and trustworthy services.


It is King Long's goal to perform all work for customer satisfaction and create an industry-leading service brand. In this regard, King Long has carried out a full range of service upgrading, providing customers with customized services, online services, intelligent failure detection and etc., utilizing technological means to meet customers' needs and protect customers' rights and interests.


Meanwhile, King Long also launches activities such as King Long Service Day, Specialist Service Month and Quarterly Service from time to time to better understand and respond to customers' needs and provide them with a warm and caring service experience.


Technology improves people's livelihood and well-being, and innovation drives the future of the world. King Long is always seizing the opportunity of the time, keeping pace with and making full use of the development of science and technology, providing warm services with deep technology, and empowering the better travel community with the intelligent transportation ecosystem.

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