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262 Units of King Long Pure Electric Buses Now in Service in Chaoyang

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262 Units of King Long Pure Electric Buses Now in Service in Chaoyang

Aug 25 , 2023

Recently, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of King Long pure electric buses purchased by Chaoyang Public Transportation Company was held in Chaoyang, Liaoning Province. 262 units of King Long pure electric buses have arrived in this historic city and have been in operation since August 2nd!


In order to respond to the government initiative of energy saving, environmental protection and green travel, as well as to ensure the safety and comfort of the public travel, Chaoyang Public Transportation Company decided to replace all its buses with all-electric ones. It is said that this order is the first mass purchase of pure electric buses in Chaoyang City, and it is also the first time that the company has chosen our pure electric products!


With the official operation of 262 units of King Long buses, Chaoyang Public Transportation Company also adjusted the original 20 bus routes and started 4 new ones. King Long products, which have been well received by drivers and passengers, are now in operation on all bus routes.



The pure electric buses purchased by Chaoyang Public Transportation Company are the latest 8.5m and 10.5m models. The XMQ6850G pure electric bus is a series of mid-size buses designed for urban feeder and urban-rural mainline service. Based on the concept of platformized R&D, the model was developed through parametric design. The entire vehicle is sleek and streamlined, with a redesigned roof structure and optimized seat layout to provide more interior space and a more comfortable ride.


In order to create a social atmosphere of caring for and better serving the elderly, these two models have a low entrance with a single step, which is convenient for elderly passengers to get on and off. In addition, to meet the different travel needs of the public, some of the buses are available with wheelchair access and a specific area for securing wheelchairs.



In early July, at a simple but grand delivery ceremony held in King Long, Mr Xia Zhenhua, general manager of King Long's domestic marketing company, handed over the golden key to the leaders of Chaoyang Public Transportation Investment Group, marking the beginning of the journey for these King Long buses to travel thousands of miles home.



For now, the 262 units of high-end King Long pure electric buses are plying the streets and lanes of Chaoyang, bringing citizens a beautiful and comfortable travel experience and becoming a beautiful scenery of this historic city.

To build a beautiful travel community, King Long is always on the road!

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