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King Long Kingwin Pure Electric Logistics Vehicle Delivered to Service Civil Aviation and Postal Industries

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King Long Kingwin Pure Electric Logistics Vehicle Delivered to Service Civil Aviation and Postal Industries

Jun 28 , 2022

On January 22nd, 2021, Chengdu Tianfu New Airport successfully conducted test flights and will be put into use before June 30th, 2021! Four days later,King Long Kingwin pure electric logistics vehicles were successfully delivered to Chengdu Tianfu Airport. Following Shanghai and Beijing, Chengdu will also enter "two international airport era" soon.

Located in the Eastern New District of Chengdu, Tianfu International Airport enjoys many titles: a 4F level international airport, an international aviation hub, one of the highest-ranking airports in the Silk Road Economic Belt, the main hub of the Chengdu International Aviation. It is the largest civil aviation construction project during the country’s "13th Five-Year Plan" period with overall positioning "leading internationally, first-class domestically".

According to the plan, the airport will be able to meet the annual passenger throughput of 40 million, cargo throughput of 700,000 tons, aircraft take-off and landing capacity of 320,000 sorties.

Such a large airport, security should be strictly controlled without any compromise to any detail. For example, the airport's internal vehicles are required to be 100% electric, including the logistics vehicles for delivering catering. In line with the national new energy policy, this time, King Long minivan set its target on the aviation food safety sector and successfully signed a contract with Chengdu Yiwei New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. to jointly contribute for the green distribution with 100% electric vehicles in Chengdu Tianfu Airports, which is the first time that King Long pure electric minivans have entered the airport. In future, King Long will provide more new energy minivan vehicles for green, environmentally friendly purpose to help the construction of green and low-carbon civil aviation and to promote the green upgrade of China transportation industry.

The moment when these Kingwin pure electric vehicle appeared at Tianfu Airport, they attracted instant attention of a group of airport staff. In line with the green distribution, their roofs were equipped with special airport warning lights, which looked so distinctive. Powered by batteries of two different capacity from CATL, under NEDC operation condition, this model can guarantee the mileage about 280-320 km. Moreover, it boasts three different cargo spaces: 6.8 m³, 7.2 m³ and 8.2 m³ to meet customers’ actual need. After a period of use, it has displayed extraordinary characteristics in terms of overall practicability, loading capacity, and power performance.

On February 3rd, 2021, batches of King Long Kingwin pure electric logistics vehicles were delivered to Shandong Branch of China Post Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Post), marking it as the first entry of King Long new energy minivan into the postal system. King Long actively interacted with customers during the whole process, from Xiamen to Jinan, from dispatch-transport-register-handover to aftersales training, all witnessed our meticulous care for our customers.

After the delivery of these vehicle, operation support during the peak season of Spring Festival is the next most important task. King Long after sales staff timely provided operation training for the drivers of Shandong Post, which included introduction of main vehicle parameters, various operating instructions, introduction of new energy, introduction of vehicle routine maintenance, introduction of after-sales service, etc. With those training, we tend to let customers learn everything they should know about Kingwin and deepen their understanding of products and knowledge of new energy vehicle maintenance, which would maximize their benefits to the most.

In the past two years, under the influence of new retailing, consumption upgrade, new urbanization and increasing standards of safety standards, emission regulations and environmental economy, express logistics enterprises have put forward higher requirements on product performance and quality of urban distribution vehicles. The vehicles used by logistics enterprises can be simply divided into three parts: departure pickup, mainline transportation and arrival distribution. The market demand for the "last mile" is driving the development of new energy logistics vehicles. In such an environment, KL Kingwin pure electric logistics vehicles stand out and become the cooperative supplier chosen by China Post, providing new ideas for the last-mile distribution solution for the express logistics industry and opening a new journey for both sides in the new energy logistics market.

Shandong Provincial Post is an important national social utility and communications infrastructure. It currently consists of 17 city branches, 134 county (city, district) branches, 2,879 postal branch offices, more than 1,000 postal roads, 7502 segment channels, full coverage of all areas in Shandong province.

With simple Japanese appearance, all these delivered KL Kingwin pure electric logistics vehicles were customized according to the postal operation and application scenarios requirements. Move over, a series of configurations were specially designed and applied, such as aluminum alloy floor pavement in the cargo area bamboo floor; GPS / Beidou positioning tachograph; vehicle charger 3.3kw, interior rearview mirror with reversing image function.

In addition, KL Kingwin pure electric logistics vehicle adopts monocoque body structure and boasts many features as follows: small body size, spacious cargo compartment up to 8.2 cubic meters, cargo capacity up to 1.25 tons, rear door opening over 2m, middle door opening over 1.1m, convenient cargo handling. lightweight design, high-strength, CATL high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery with 50.23kWh capacity, 40kw motor, stable and efficient performance, long mileage up to 320km. Whether individual cargo, logistics transport or any other industry, it can always meet your transport needs.

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