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Zhejiang Jinhua Purchased King Long BMT Again

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Zhejiang Jinhua Purchased King Long BMT Again

Jun 28 , 2022

On February 1st, 2021, Jinhua City’s third intercity rapid transit line "Jinwu Express Line" was officially put into operation. This time, Jinwu Express equip its whole line with King Long BMT buses, which actually is the second time of King Long batch buses servicing in Jinhua, just right after the first of August 2020 batch.

Since the first launch debuted in Jinhua, King Long BMT have earned a good reputation from all walks of life with their good travel experience and excellent energy-saving performance. So Jinhua once again purchased another batch of King Long BMT with big quantity in less than half a year., Continuously securing repeated orders from the same customers, the King Long BMT buses are King Long's testament to a new round of solution upgrade for urban public transportation. With innovative integration of several new cross-border technologies and industry technologies, King Long BMT buses, featuring a metro-style and with multiple integrations, such as electrification, intelligence, high-end and humanity, are clearly targeted for reshaping a new experience and new model of urban public transportation.

King Long endow the product design with metro-style concept and the optimization of BMT compartment presents an unexpected appealing impression for the passengers. With full flat and low floor, large passageway layout and front and rear door opening design, passengers can get on board in one step and pass quickly without obstacles. The riding efficiency and the transportation efficiency respectively increased by 50% and 7.5%. While the ride experience has been greatly upgraded, the carrying capacity of the vehicle has also been improved. Taking the 10.5-meter subway bus as an example, with large transport capacity, equivalent to that of the 12-meter traditional pure electric vehicle, it definitely helps to solve the urban bus congestion and dredge the "main artery" of urban traffic.

Another highlight of King Long BMT lies in lightweight optimization. It adopts the King Long third-generation wheel drive system structure and the fourth-generation distributed drive control strategy. Its excellent performance can achieve a weight reduction of more than 700 kg for the vehicle. Compared with ordinary pure electric buses of the same length, the energy consumption can be reduced by more than 15%.

In addition to Jinhua, King Long BMT have also been operated in Fuzhou, Ningde and other places. Also, the trial operation in Daocheng Yading has been successfully completed. Batches of King Long BMT were delivered and operated in different cities, bringing a new refreshing experience to the entire industry with high appraisal from many passengers, governments and bus companies.

BMT drivers expressed in an interview that the multifunction instrument cluster of the new energy bus could help drivers achieve intelligent driving control. Especially, its fast speed up, strong power, and excellent driving experience quickly make BMT a hot topic among drivers.

After taking the BMT bus, many passengers commented that the model had low floor, wide aisle, more spacious than traditional buses and no common steps inside. Without "back hill" design not only solves the bus travel problems of the disabled, the old, the weak, the sick, the pregnant and other vulnerable groups, but also avoids the hidden danger of emergency braking caused by the high center of gravity of passengers standing on the “back hill”. Many passengers praised that they had never expected the bus ride could be so comfortable, convenient, and safe.

Public transport is a livelihood project. In line with the principle of continuous exploration and innovation in new energy and new technology, King Long BMT bus, with large transport capacity and convenience, constitute an important part of public transport service in “heart-winning” projects. In future, King Long BMT will be deployed in more cities to render better travel experience.

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