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King Long Self-driving Logistics Vehicle Launched in Changshu

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King Long Self-driving Logistics Vehicle Launched in Changshu

Jun 28 , 2022

On January 31st, a second batch of 20 cute King Long self-driving logistics vehicles in jubilant red were delivered to Jingdong Logistics, which will be put into operation in Changshu, Jiangsu Province to help Changshu build the world's first "unmanned distribution city".

In September 2020, King Long officially joined hands with Jingdong Logistics by signing a deepened strategic cooperation agreement with the aim of two sides to jointly develop commercialized-level low-speed driverless vehicles and to promote marketization. With the unremitting efforts from both sides, Dido, the first mass-produced unmanned distribution vehicle officially entered the life of the public, embarking on the official arrival of a new era for unmanned distribution.

In October last year, the first batch of Dido self-driving logistics vehicles were officially put into operation in Changshu. In the past three months, from the very beginning of curiosity and excitement to common acceptance, more and more Changshu citizens have known, accepted and loved these new smart delivery "express boys".

Busily and orderly weaving in and out of the streets of Changshu, those red Dido self-driving logistics vehicles have become close partners for delivery workers. With the acceleration of a new round of scientific and technological revolution represented by artificial intelligence and new generation information and communication technology, automobile industry, as one of the best carriers of integrated application of new technology, is accelerating its transformation to intelligence. Consensus has been reached that intelligent automobile has become the strategic direction and competitive focus in terms of international marketing. Dido self-driving logistics vehicles are another leading achievement for King Long in intelligent driving, a true testament to profound research and accumulating development experience of intelligent connected vehicles.

At present, labor force in China has declined year by year while the labor cost in express industry accounts for more than 50% of its total cost. Therefore, from the perspectives of cost considerations, liberation of repetitive labor, improvement of work efficiency and overall social development trends, the intelligent network extension of unmanned distribution is the only necessary way for the logistics industry. In line with the rapid development of vertical scenes such as social e-commerce, logistics, take-out, catering and so on, DIDO self-driving logistics vehicles emerged as the times require.

Dido automatic logistics vehicle is a self-driving one jointly developed by King Long and Jingdong Logistics. With humanized and intelligent logistics distribution, combined with King Long cloud operation management system, it can achieve efficient management and control of the whole process to solve the "last mile" distribution problem and fully meet the logistics distribution needs of communities and parks.

With the mission of building a beautiful travel community and the vision of becoming a solution provider of intelligent transportation system, King Long will join hands with partners to relentless explore the research and application of automatic driving products and make continuous innovation and breakthroughs to let automatic driving benefit more fields.

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