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King Long Kicked Off the Year of Tiger with Bunch of Orders Secured

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King Long Kicked Off the Year of Tiger with Bunch of Orders Secured

Jun 28 , 2022

Right after the bustling celebration of Spring Festival, King Long factory has started running at full capacity in a bid to make big achievement in Q1.

Batch of King Long Buses Delivered to Shandong

Fight For The Goal

Year 2022 is a key year for King Long to promote high-quality development. King Long will continue to boldly explore new business and new scenarios. By deepening the cultivation of new customer relationships and building a professional service platform, King Long is ready to embrace the fierce battle. Up to now, King Long has delivered nearly 200 units of buses and coaches as well as more than 400 units minivans to multiple cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Moreover, another 300 units more will soon be delivered to Fujian, Hunan, Ningxia and other places in near future. Those frequent good news in the domestic market has laid a solid foundation for King Long to achieve its annual target and it‘s a big boost for confidence to forge ahead into a new journey.

King Long Minivans Delivered to Beijing

Contribute in Covid-19 Prevention & Control

In view of the fact that human beings still have to live with Covid-19 for quite a long time, King Long actively take part in prevention and control battles by constant uptake of mobile medical vehicles to contribute its own efforts. In 2022, as of today, King Long has delivered about 200 units special vehicles for Covid-19 prevention & control, including mobile nucleic acid detection PCR lab, blood collection vehicle, medical examination vehicle, sightseeing vehicle etc. Moreover, efforts are also made on sanitation vehicle project. King Long currently is actively working on cooperation with its existing partners and distributors in a bid to make breakthrough in cities where governments have uptake plan for new energy and hydrogen vehicles to create several demonstration zones.

Booming International Trade

This year, King Long deepen its relentless cultivation on overseas markets, especially focusing on new energy vehicles, new markets, new business modes in a bid to create a high-quality development matrix. Since February, King Long has successively delivered more than 500 large and medium-sized buses and coaches and more than 1,100 minivans worldwide, contributing its own efforts for high-quality development of Chinese foreign trade export, and promoting King Long to greatly stride in global arena, achieving the first-quarter “an auspicious start"!

Autonomous Driving Achieved Big Progress

Regarding the update of intelligent vehicles, King Long will continue to promote the commercialization of its products and to explore further new commercial mode in order to seize more niche markets with more appropriate intelligent products as per market demand. Recently, the Lijia Intelligent Networked Autonomous Driving Project in Chongqing's Liang Jiang New Area was launched for demonstration operations. Jointly built by Baidu and King Long, this self-driving bus (referred to as Robobus) boasts multiple functions such as lane changing and overtaking, entering and leaving the bus port, and automatic signal recognition. This demonstration operation marks a significant progress in the construction of a national pilot zone for the Internet of Vehicles. King Long autonomous driving buses have penetrated into people's daily travel, providing the public with a smart and convenient travel experience and building a better travel community.

Robobus Initiated Demonstration Operation in Chongqing

Batch of Robobus II Delivered to Suzhou

Ongoing Digital Transformation

In the field of intelligent networking, King Long Bus will continue to promote the technology upgrade of intelligent interconnection, including the development of the electronic and electrical architecture of the new generation of intelligent networked vehicles, improving the communication speed and execution efficiency of the vehicle nodes. Build enterprise digital certificate management platform based on public key infrastructure technology (PKI), which integrates cloud, edge, pipe and end, and comprehensively strengthen the information security of vehicle networking; Build intelligent gateway for vehicle computing platform EEA architecture; Construction of a visual mobile operation and centralized configuration of Longwing operation and maintenance monitoring and management platform.

Now it is the right time to forge ahead along with the surging spring tide. In year 2022, King Long will focus more efforts on improvement of efficiency, increase of productivity and profits enhancement to continually explore home and abroad markets, to stride for a new situation with high-quality development. With confidence, King Long is bound to develop to a higher level and gain more achievement in not only the successful kick-off of auspicious start but also a promising whole-year harvest.

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