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King Long Won the Title of Best Employer in China Bus Industry

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King Long Won the Title of Best Employer in China Bus Industry

Jun 28 , 2022

On February 23rd, the 16th China Annual Bus Industry Impact was held in Nanjing. King Long was awarded the "Best Employer in China Bus Industry" and its Jieguan 5th generation midi coach and BMT bus were awarded the "Star of High-end Tourist Coach" and "Recommended Model of New Energy Bus" respectively!

Best Employer in China Bus Industry

As one of the leading enterprises in China bus industry, King Long has always adhered to the concept of "respecting, cultivating and serving people" since its establishment 33 years ago and has been always taken talents as the core competitiveness, and strived hard for a harmonious and orderly competitive environment and a working atmosphere full of care, trust and respect.

King Long continuously improves the core functions of human resources, and has established strategically oriented human resource planning, training and career development, performance management, employee incentives and other systems to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, stimulate their creativity, and build a first-class talent team in the industry.

This award "Best Employer in China Bus Industry" is a true testament to King Long's people-oriented management philosophy, social responsibility and public reputation. Looking ahead, King Long will take "building a better travel community" as its mission, implement the synergistic development strategy of the whole industrial chain of commercial vehicles, and contribute more to the realization of the dream of better travel for public transportation.

Jieguan 5th Generation, A New Era of Enjoyable Travel

This time the Jieguan 5th generation coach, which was awarded the "Star of High-end Tourist Bus", is a tailor-made product for the high-end tourist, group and passenger transport markets. After 13 years of consecutive innovation and upgrade, the 05th generation has been comprehensively improved in terms of appearance, driving experience, safety and security, energy saving and environmental protection and has become an absolute masterpiece among the Jieguan family.

Externally, Jieguan 05th generation continues its attractive pedigree with a grand design that is as imposing as a racing car. The interior design is unique, with the 05th generation featuring a one-piece cabin molded roof, minimalist passenger seats and dynamic pull-down curtains, creating a warm and elegant interior space with spacious and comfortable riding experience. Also, special efforts have been put on NVH optimization through to reduce vibration and noise, making the journey more pleasant.

In terms of driving experience, Jieguan 05th generation boasts a spacious driving space, a multi-functional driver's seat, the industry's first multi-functional micro-control CAN system with 36 aviation touch buttons, which provides more accurate and intelligent multi-modal interaction.

In terms of safety, Jieguan 05th generation adopts a 3H monocoque structure and introduces Q700 high-strength steel for higher strength. 22.5-inch WABCO disc brakes enable to shorten braking distance by 6m at 60 km/h compared to other models of its class; it can be equipped with a number of active safety options such as 360-degree panoramic view, forward collision avoidance and lane departure warning, making its performance surpass that of other models of its class. At the same time, the vehicle's lightweight design reduces weight by more than 600kg and fuel consumption by 2L per 100km, making it more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

King Long BMT Bus Boost Green Transport

King Long BMT bus is a new overall solution upgrade for city public transit, which not only seamlessly connects between public transport and rail transport, but also extends the metro carriage to urban public transport. King Long innovatively integrates a number of new technologies from other industries and business lines into auto industry and creatively develop the BMT bus structure and styling, intelligent driving system and highly-integrated driveline system. King Long BMT bus is a perfect metro-style bus of electrification, intelligence, high-end and humanization for public transit.

King Long BMT bus, with its low-floor structure, has a complete flat floor through the whole gangway to the back, with a height of no more than 380mm above the ground, making it extremely convenient for passengers to get on and off the bus. Compared to traditional buses, King Long BMT bus is more stable and much safer, more spacious and comfortable. The riding environment is similar to that of the metro, solving the safety hazards of multiple steps, allowing wheelchairs or prams for the disabled to pass without barriers, and allowing elderly people who are not handy with their legs to "lift their feet and get on the bus with just one step".

In addition to its innovative and attractive styling, King Long BMT Bus is also well-equipped with multiple devices. The vehicle is equipped with an electronic rear-view mirror displaying a 360-degree panoramic image, making it easier for the driver to make timely judgments and improve driving safety. The interior of the vehicle is equipped with a variety of warm-hearted facilities such as guide screens, electronic route signs, large-screen TVs and thermometers, providing passengers with more intelligent and convenient services.

Nowadays, citizens may experience more efficient, much safer and more comfortable riding with King Long BMT buses in many cities, such as Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Ningde, Jiaxing, Jinhua, Wenzhou, Daocheng etc.

2021 ends with honors and 2022 sets sail with glory! With years of innovative R&D and operational testing, King Long will build a multi-scene intelligent and connected mobile mobility solution to help China's intelligent transportation development embark on a new journey.

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