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Batch Delivery of King Long Coach XMQ6135QY to Jiujiang

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Batch Delivery of King Long Coach XMQ6135QY to Jiujiang

Jun 28 , 2022

On 19th January, batch coach delivery ceremony for Jiujiang Xianglong was held in Xiamen King Long factory where 11 units three-axle XMQ6135QY coaches were ready for delivery.

In 2021, Jiangxi Tourism Industry purchase batches of King Long Longwin 02nd Generation, and this was their second attempt, which was a true testament of mutual deepened cooperation.

Xiamen King Long signed strategy cooperation agreement with Jiangxi Tourism Transport Association

This 13-meter XMQ6135QY coach is specially developed in catering for the tourism sector with high capacity. With module development concept, this model boasts big improvements by leaps and bounds in coziness, reliability and easy maintenance. Double front window shields provide immersive experience to enjoy the eyes feast for beautiful scenery. Other improvement includes: optimized interior space, storage box on the luggage racks; additional 6 seats more compared to 12- meter coach, ergonomically optimized driver compartment; integrated shift gear into the dashboard for easy and comfortable driving, eco-chip system for comprehensive fuel saving. All in all, King Long XMQ6135QY would for sure boost Jiujiang Xianglong Tourism to a higher level with its reliability, safety, energy saving performances.

Keeping pace with new transport request in new era, King Long would join hands further with Jiangxi Tourism Transport Association and Jiujiang Xianglong Tourism Transport Co.,Ltd to better meet people's diversified travel needs, to build a convenient and comfortable passenger transport system for a better travel community!

Delivery Handover Ceremony between Xiamen King Long and Jiujiang Xianglong Tourism Transport Co.,Ltd

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