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10 King Long Fuel Cell Buses Delivered to Zhejiang

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10 King Long Fuel Cell Buses Delivered to Zhejiang

Jun 28 , 2022

Recently, a second batch of 10 units King Long hydrogen fuel cell buses were delivered to Jinhua, Zhejiang Province. Once again, with innovative technologies, King Long helped Jinhua to steadily promote their construction ambition of Green Public Transit.

In recent years, Jinhua city integrated their low carbon concept into every aspect, such as city development planning, environmental construction, industrial clusters. With these introductions of hydrogen fuel cell buses, Jinhua actively explored the energy transformation and upgrade in a bid to create the goal of building Zhejiang city groups into green gardens in a new era.

These delivered vehicles are the 03rd generation of hydrogen fuel cell buses innovatively developed by King Long with following features: 8.5 meter in length, high power fuel cell system, high-capacity traction battery, 6 packs of 140L hydrogen storage tanks, 10 minutes only for full charge of hydrogen, up to 600KM autonomy at even speed running condition. When the vehicle is started, the fuel power system performs hydrogen-to-electricity conversion through the principle of electrochemical reaction. The energy conversion process does not involve combustion, has no mechanical loss, and has a high energy conversion rate. The only emission produced is water.

The commissioning of these King Long hydrogen fuel cell buses would further deepen Jinhua's public transportation services.

At the same time, guided by "demand drives supply and supply creates demand", it would pry up more hydrogen energy industry clusters and promote the development of Jinhua's "provincial demonstration area for hydrogen energy development"!

It is quite promising to promote the demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles around the goal of “carbon peaking” & “carbon neutrality”. King Long has been tracking and researching hydrogen fuel cell buses since 2010, and has accumulated more than ten years of experience so far. In terms of fuel cell vehicle system integration, with deep market intelligence research and profound study, King Long has mastered the key matching technology for the whole vehicle and has established more complete vehicle testing and verification methods, such as fuel cell vehicle collision, water wading, reliability road test and low temperature environment adaptability verification. Up to now, the cumulative reliability of King Long hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has exceeded 200,000 kilometers, and has completed static low-temperature start-up test under harsh -30°C for the vehicle and dynamic road test under -25°C ambient temperature.

As a pioneer in the research and development of hydrogen fuel vehicles, King Long adheres to serving the overall situation, integration and open cooperation, actively promotes the exchange and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the whole industrial chain, and has deeply worked on the design in terms of hydrogen safety, electric safety, structural safety and control safety. King Long has launched whole series of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles suitable for different scenarios, such as public transit buses, highway coaches, heavy tractors, muck dumpers, heat preservation vehicles, logistics vehicles, making its own contribution to accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen energy and fuel cell bus industries.

Actually, once hydrogen fuel cell buses co-developed by Xianmen King Long and Zhejiang Nekson Power Technology Co.,Ltd were also delivered to Changxin County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province and successfully completed the hydrogen refueling demonstration at the first local refueling station. According to data of hydrogen refueling machine, it takes only 5 minutes to fill the hydrogen from 2MPa to 35MPa.

For hydrogen energy industry, King Long has been always at the forefront as a pioneer. As of today, King Long hydrogen fuel cell buses have been promoted in various city groups crossing multiple provinces such as Hubei, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong. King Long will further to deepen cooperation with its customers and to seize industrial reform opportunity to comprehensively promote public transport towards high-quality development in a bid to win the battle in the new hydrogen energy industry.

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