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King Long Bus Attends Haixi International New Energy Industry Expo

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King Long Bus Attends Haixi International New Energy Industry Expo

Jun 28 , 2022

Beautiful Xiamen actively practices the promotion of new energy sources while the "two sessions" are having hot discussions of energy vehicle development. From 15 to 17 March 2014, the third Haixi (Xiamen) International New Energy Industry Expo was held in Xiamen. The exhibition was held in Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, with the theme of "to develop new energies and enjoy a new life", mainly exhibiting LED new light source, new energy vehicles, solar energy and wind energy and other clean energies, new technologies and new materials, environmental protection and so on. As one of the new energy automobile companies who started quite early, King Long attended the exhibition for the third time, with its two new energy bus XMQ6127GHEV7 and XMQ6110BCEV, gaining huge attraction in the exhibition.

King Long Bus Attends Haixi International New Energy Industry Expo for the Third Time

King Long new energy buses contributes to the construction of beautiful city

The plug-in hybrid bus XMQ6127GHEV7 is focused on creating a green city bus system, and the business commuter XMQ6110BCEV is "personal tailored".

King Long XMQ6127GHEV7 has won the "Best Model Award" and "Innovation Award" in the third China's Energy Saving and New Energy Buses Innovation Contest. Comprehensive measurement results show that under pure electric power mode, the power consumption per kilometer of XMQ6127GHEV7 is 1kWh (including charger losses). Under hybrid power mode, the power consumption of 90km is 44.7kwh, the fuel consumption only 9L. With its energy efficiency, this model can meet the demand of city bus market.

King Long XMQ6127GHEV7

The pure electric business commuter XMQ6110BCEV, as an innovation, is a customized business commuter independently developed by King Long.

King Long, leader and promoter of new energy buses

As early as 2001, King Long has already started the research and development of energy saving and new energy buses, launching more than 50 types of pure electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid and other energy-saving buses. With the safety and energy saving, low-carbon emission and outstanding environmental performance, King Long gained much industry market recognition. King Long new energy bus is not only popular throughout the country, but also exported to Southeast Asia, South America and other places.

In the future, with its good market foundation and accumulation of technologies, King Long will accelerate its innovative research and development of energy-saving and new energy technologies, striving to lead the industry’s transformation and become the new energy buses leader and promoter of China with their own core technology.

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