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King Long:Proprietary Brand Serves the NPC and CPPCC

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King Long:Proprietary Brand Serves the NPC and CPPCC

Jun 28 , 2022

The Second Session of the 12th NPC and CPPCC (hereinafter referred to as "the two sessions") were held in Beijing respectively on March 5, 2014 and March 3. Buses went through strict selection to serve the two sessions for smooth process. Reporters learned from that as a leading provider of bus service for the two sessions, BAIC’s bus fleet mainly include more than 50 King Long buses ( XMQ6129Y2 ), helping the representatives commute during the two sessions.

King Long bus serves the two sessions for the 14th time

Fourteen years of service, with persistence and perseverance

As one of the early proprietary brands in China, King Long was nominated for the service of the two sessions in 2001 and reputation has spread since then. In 2003, with its rapid development and superior quality, the media named it the "Chinese national car ".

King Long XMQ6129Y2 for Hunan Representatives

2014 is the 14th consecutive year that King Long has served the two sessions and the bus model selected is still the classic XMQ6129Y2. XMQ6129Y2 is King Long’s main high-end, superb-quality road product. Reputation was gained soon after its entering the market. King Long’s Long Wei is widely used for high-end transport lines and business conferences reception.

"With years of service experience, XMQ6129Y2 can certainly be regarded as the 'expert’ in the service team." King Long Beijing-Tianjin area service manager Chen Song said, "As early as in the Spring Festival, soon after we were noticed to serve the two sessions, our after sales engineers began to thoroughly check the buses, which had been used for a long time, in order to ensure trouble-free operation during the two sessions. More maintenance work was done this year than last year. Of course, years of experience serving the two sessions also helped us to locate the potential problems.

Comprehensive check, leaving no dead corner

Unlike general business meetings, the two sessions are major events in the country's political activities, which means commuter service standards are more demanding. The main bus supplier for the two sessions is BAIC, a well-known tourist bus company. Under years of painstaking efforts, is has formed a unique "BAIC Standard” in terms of vehicle procurement, operation and management. In the bus selection for the two sessions, BAIC applied more stringent standards.

Comprehensive check

BAIC has designated King Long XMQ6129Y2 to serve the two sessions for many years, taking its excellent quality and zero-fault operation ensured by King Long’s efforts into consideration.

From 2001 to 2014, King Long has served the two sessions for 14 consecutive years, aiming at trouble-free and zero-fault operation. As a national proprietary brand, King Long has been using the two sessions as the best platform to showcase their brand, fulfilling a "national vehicle" mission with 14 years of sincere service.

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