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King Long Small Longwei Joins the Public Care of Children with Autism

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King Long Small Longwei Joins the Public Care of Children with Autism

Jun 28 , 2022

April 2 of 2014 is the seventh World Autism Day. Children with autism, with a growing number, once were not widely concerned in the society. On the evening of April 1, Xiamen as China's first "family care for children with autism" pilot city, held a "touch hearts and open doors" lightening blue lights ceremony for autistic children. The event is organized by the National Women's Federation, China Women's Development Foundation, the United Xiamen municipal government departments, enterprises and institutions, appealing to the whole community to work together caring for autistic children.

King Long Small Longwei

King Long joint in this charitable activities, to perform the company’s social responsibility, not only by providing 12-meter Longwei bus to transport volunteers and staff but also by planning the activity themed of "care for autistic children parade around the island": Four King Long New medium buses small Longwei, with colored LED screens on both sides showing the 2014 advocacy theme "Respect and accept scientific intervention", to travel through Xinglin Bridge - East road - Island Road - Roundabout Road - Wuyuan Bay Bridge and appeal to the general public and tourists to care for autistic children. The parade has become a major highlight of the "family care for children with autism" charity project publicity, contributing in the promotion of the government, society and the public to further join forces to help families of children out of the woods.

King Long Small Longwei Tour

Small Longwei project technical staff briefed reporters that the buses in this activity had excellent performance in vehicle dynamics, safety, energy conservation and active safety technology. The colored LED screens can display texts, as well as photos, videos and other information, a breakthrough in the body design. As the industry's only medium by which can fully meet the 39 +1 +1, Small Longwei's excellent suspension design can ensure a solid and reliable operation. With the optimization of its layout of the luggage compartment, it can deal with a variety of road conditions while with fashionable outlook.

It is worth mentioning that the Small Longwei is the first positive development bus, bringing forward the development of the industry trend and easing the vicious price competition. It promoted the sound development of the corresponding parts enterprises, bringing the industry positive energy. Small Longwei is a product of innovation, a classic of parts manufacturers teaming up to release the second generation technology.

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