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King Long Apolong Boosts the 2nd Digital China Summit

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King Long Apolong Boosts the 2nd Digital China Summit

Jun 28 , 2022

On May 6th, the 2nd Digital China Summit convened at the Fuzhou Strait International Conference & Exhibition Center. With the theme of "fully implementing the new development philosophy, using IT application to foster new growth drivers, making further progress, and achieving greater success", the summit continues to promote the building of an Internet power, a digital China and a smart society.

Based on the functional positioning of three platforms at the 1st Digital China Summit, the 2nd summit has added the positioning of "a platform for people at home and abroad to establish cooperation and contribute to the digital China construction", marking the initial move towards internationalization. This summit has attracted about 500 institutions and enterprises from 5 countries, i.e. the U.K., France, the U.S., Denmark and Israel, and 31 provinces (municipalities), autonomous regions, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

The 2nd Digital China Summit & Exhibition held at the same time, focuses on demonstrating the latest achievements of the digital China, highlights AI, satellite application industry, industrial Internet and industry-university-research integration, and adds sections of digital culture, digital ecosystem and smart city, compared with the 1st summit. All enterprises have unveiled their latest and most cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and even cooler black technology.

"Super cute" King Long Apolong becomes a hit.

As the representative of innovation-driven achievements in Fujian Province, King Long Apolong has made an appearance at the summit, and launched various test rides for the public on the basis of the 1st summit. Meanwhile, as the benchmark of commercial operation of self-driving vehicles in China, Apolong uses real operation models to demonstrate leading achievements of commercial operation of self-driving vehicles in China and the practical sample of industrial upgrade driven by digital application at the Intelligent Park of Feifeng Mountain, an experience site of digital application at this summit.

Exhibition and test rides show its considerable charm.

Apolong marks the world's first mass-produced level-4 self-driving vehicle, and a pioneer in the field of level-4 self-driving vehicles in China. Since the launch of 100 vehicles in July 2018, Apolong has started demonstrative operations at major events such as the first Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Meeting and 2019 Boao Forum for Asia, and commercial operations in 21 regions of China, including Haidian Park in Beijing, Shougang Park in Beijing, Xiong'an New Area in Hebei, Phase III of Xiamen Software Park in Fujian, Comprehensive Experimental Zone at Pingtan, Fujian, Wuhan Development Zone, and Country Garden Sci-Tech Town at Tonghu, Huizhou. Its leading self-driving capability has been fully verified, ushering in a new era of self-driving transport.

Huang Chun, Chairman of Fujian Motor Industry Group, and Nenad Popović, Minister of Innovation and Technological Development of Serbia, visit and experience Apolong.

Huang Chun, Chairman of Fujian Motor Industry Group, is interviewed by Serbian media.

Apolong demonstrated in the venue is open to the public for test rides to deepen the public's understanding and experience of self-driving vehicles with mature and advanced self-driving experience. The site of test rides. "King Long Apolong" fully simulates a closed scene with a speedway of 600 meters, automatic pick-up and drop -off points, curves, straight roads, speed bumps, etc. The site of test rides. Apolong, without any human intervention, achieves perfect self-driving operations, including starting, obstacle avoidance, making turns, deceleration and braking.

The test rides have once again enjoyed attention and participation of people from all walks of life, becoming a main focus of this summit. Nearly 300 people are attracted to take Apolong to experience the intelligent transport on the afternoon of the opening day of the summit. During the summit, thousands of people have booked test rides, and the venue is bustling with test riders.

Automatic vehicles at scenic area show leading outcomes of digital application.

The Intelligent Park of Feifeng Mountain, as the digital application scene of the summit, is a brand-new high-tech park with intelligent characteristics, and Apolong represents the leading characteristic.

As an ideal place for sports, amusement and leisure, the park in May is surrounded by green mountains, and boasts blue water, birds and flowers. The park's square is connected to the lake circuit track, and the mountain circuit track run through the forest and valleys. Distinct from others, the park, as a pioneer, introduces intelligent and high-tech equipment, and integrates a cloud management platform, networking technology and AI to achieve completely intelligent services in the park. For instance, the AR Tai Chi master, the AI physical test, the intelligent tour guide, and automatic pick-up and drop -off of Apolong around the park, all help tourists and citizens to experience different feelings and charm brought about by intelligent technologies.

Apolong was officially launched and put into service at the Intelligent Park of Feifeng Mountain on April 21.

As the first intelligent park in Fujian, the Intelligent Park of Feifeng Mountain represents the real-scenario display of digital achievements of the summit. Leaders, guests and people from the press who attend this summit visit and experience the park, and highly recognize its achievements and value driven by intelligent innovation. Leaders and guests praise the intelligent, smooth and comfortable riding experience of Apolong, and guests say, "commercial operation of self-driving vehicles in certain scenes such as scenic spots stands for not only the commercial prospect of self-driving operation, but also upgrade and transformation driven by this. This park indicates that the future of scenic spots has great room for imagination."

CCTV-2 is making a feature story

Over the past year, King Long, together with partners, has made unremitting efforts to push forward the self-driving industry and fulfilled commercial operation of Chinese self-driving vehicles. It has undergone the first test rides for the public at the 1st summit, pioneering China's level-4 autonomous vehicles, the launch of 100 vehicles, demonstrative operations at major events, real commercial operations nationwide, and the field demonstrative operation at the 2nd summit.

With the advance of AI and technology, autonomous driving is bound to enjoy more application in the future. King Long will join hands with all parties to continue to innovate self-driving vehicles and accelerate the move toward application into more commercial scenarios.

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