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King Long Apolong "on Duty" at BFA to Build a ICV Model City

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King Long Apolong "on Duty" at BFA to Build a ICV Model City

Jun 28 , 2022

On March 26-29, the four-day Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2019 (BFA AC2019) was held in Hainan, China. Over 2,000 representatives from 60 countries and regions attended the conference. Themed "Shared Future, Concerted Action, Common Development", BFA AC2019 is of great significance to Asian countries. With the launch of a new round of high-profile regional trade agreements and connectivity initiatives, emerging Asian economies not only have become an important engine of the world economy, but will continue to be an important driver of globalization, adding new momentum to economic growth.

In this forum, intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) have become a highlight of the new economic momentum. At the site of the Boao Intelligent Connected Vehicles and 5G Application Pilot, the politicians, guests and journalists attending the annual conference experienced the operation of King Long Apolong, the world's first mass-produced Level 4 autonomous bus, on a semi-open field. King Long Apolong was highly appreciated for demonstrating extraordinary autonomous driving skills with "zero mistakes and high standards", leading the Chinese autonomous driving team to showcase China's most representative achievements in artificial intelligence on the world-class platform of BFA.

During the forum, ICVs and 5G application projects were tested and demonstrated on the road near the Boao Forum, which included the "multi-vehicle coordination" scenario of ICVs, and the three typical application scenarios of vehicle-road coordination. Among them, the "multi-vehicle coordination" scenario of intelligent connected vehicles was first seen inside and outside China.

Intelligent Test One: "multi-vehicle coordination" scenario of ICVs

The "multi-vehicle coordination" scenario of ICVs was the first time in China to use the 5.9 GHz car network proprietary frequency band authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, realizing the pioneering test of ICVs. King Long will cooperate with Baidu to carry out more 5G applications and intelligent network applications in Boao Lecheng and expand the cloud platform for vehicle networking, thus laying a foundation for the development of 5G applications and ICVs in Hainan Province.

Intelligent Test Two: three typical application scenarios of vehicle-road coordination

King Long Apolong demonstrated ability in the three typical application scenarios of vehicle-road coordination, including sharp bend alert, road construction alert and speed control at traffic lights, on the 1.2-kilometer-long road. As a master of autonomous driving, it attracted numerous eyes with perfect controllability. Sharp bend is an occasional scenario in the driving process. During the testing, when approaching the sharp bend, King Long Apolong received the alert sent by the vehicle network roadside unit in advance and adjusted the speed and direction according to the road condition information sensed and recognized by its inherent sensor. In the scenario of road construction avoidance, King Long Apolong could inform and operate in advance to avoid obstacles precisely, which not only improved traffic efficiency, but also reduced road accidents.

King Long Apolong passes the sharp bend

King Long Apolong passes the road construction section

King Long Apolong passes the intersection by speed control at traffic lights

King Long Apolong interacts with the intelligent network signal lights, which were equipped with Huawei hardware devices, to realize the identification and pre-judgment of V2X traffic lights. And it could calculate according to its own speed and position and choose the appropriate speed to pass through the intersection, thus managing safe and intelligent travel.

According to the report, the Boao Intelligent Connected Vehicles and 5G Application Pilot Project represents Hainan's implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of a special economic zone in Hainan Province and the spirit of the Guiding Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Supporting Hainan's Comprehensive Deepening Reform and Opening-up, aiming to build a demonstration island pilot project for ICVs and 5G applications. The project would play an important role in leading the R&D, testing and standard formulation of the ICV technology, and promoting the maturity of the industrial chain.

Jointly built by King Long and Baidu, King Long Apolong is the world's first mass-produced Level 4 autonomous bus designed for commercial operation in closed scenes such as industrial parks, airports, scenic spots and schools, with world-leading technical capabilities. At present, it has been put into operation in 21 regions across China, including Beijing Haidian Park, Shougang Park, Hebei Xiong'an New Area, Fujian Xiamen Software Park Phase III, Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone, Wuhan Development Zone and Huizhou Tonghu Country Garden Science and Technology Town. With part of its technologies subjected to iterati

on, King Long Apolong has set up a benchmark for Chinese autonomous vehicles. Nearly a year after the launch of Kong Long Apolong, manufacturers in China have up to develop similar products, marking a new era of rapid development of Level 4 autonomous vehicles in parks.

In recent years, China has taken advantage of the new technological revolution and industrial transformation to promote the vigorous development of emerging industries and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The source of growth that emerged from innovation has not only shaped China's new development advantages, but also injected vitality to economic development of Asia and the world. In the future, King Long will adhere to innovation-driven development and seize the opportunity in the new round of technological revolution. It will take the BFA as an opportunity to deepen cooperation with partners and relevant governments in ICVs and autonomous driving, thus bringing better intelligent travel experience to users in more industries and life scenarios.

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